Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Awkward & Awesome.

-Texting the wrong person....good thing it was not bad or about that person!
-Having Husband take pictures of the picture I am in mid picture my cloths are spread all over the bedroom (clearly my cloths) next one....underwears (that's what we call them in my house!)  hanging out of a box (again clearly mine) OH HUSBAND!!!! 
-having someone pull a taped paper off my back that says "Kick me" REALLY?! *now my little mind wanders....did they mean that? what did I do to someone? who would say that? Oh my heart is sad! I don't like this place! Kids are mean!"  See how my mind processes things!!!!
-Wearing shorts on a rainy hopes it will inspire the sun to come out. but turns out it only makes me cold and I have to use my little heater all day long! Oh Silly me, my mistake!!!
-Developing a weird rash/reaction to I think my new carpet. now I have scratch/itching marks up my left leg. just flat out weird.

-forgetting it was awkward & Awesome day...but then spilling coffee on my white shorts and saying..oh man that's awkward! Totally on Que for the day=awesome
-Dual shower heads in our bathroom. 
- Hanging up on 2 people today (please note they were sales people and annoying me today)
- Finding screaming deals at Goodwill yesterday. Decorations for my house and 2 pairs of shoes!!! And I know you may be cloths....YES I did good. no cloths! Look at me I am sticking to a somewhat budget! 
*Love my boat shoes!

for now ~
Nic & Cole


  1. Love it! Your description of your hubby's pictures cracked me up... why are guys so unobservant?!! And yay for great Goodwill finds!

  2. Yee Haw...We should make a home movie on how to shop the Goodwill. haha.

  3. We call them underwears in our house too. It just sounds fun to say... Underwears!:)