Thursday, December 29, 2011

Curly today.

 A new year is coming.

 I  am ready for a new year, But I guess ready or not it is going to come we don't really get a choice. I truly am excited for what 2012 will bring, full of new adventure and new experiences and life.
2011 was a good year to us, we bought a house (built a house actually), had a big move to a small town where we will live and one day raise our children, got a dog, husband turned the BIG 3 0, we learned to be married, celebrated our 1st year of Marriage, traveled together, read together, cried, laughed, and loved together. Another 365 days with the love of my life, I look back on it and know its exactly what I wanted to do, no I did not always do what I should have or said what I shouldn't have, could be better at things, love more, BUT bottom line is I experience everyday life and am trying to grow from those experiences. 

 Our new maple baby trees my parents bought for Husband. They are so small and empty now but I can not wait to have them bloom and grow the next couple years!!!
I kind of look like I have antlers!

Shirt- H&M (gifted)
Belt- Urban Outfitters
Jeans- Gap
Wedges- Famous Footwear
Necklace- Macy

Since it has been raining non stop for 36 hours, I mean close to flooding, so I decided to leave my hair curly, then as I walk outside this morning, to my wonderful surprise it is not raining!!! So I am curly today! Easy hair day. 

Happy Thursday.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


What I Wore & Whatever, Whenever Wednesdays.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping.
Sweater- My Sisters (Ambercrombi)
Jeans- Express
Hunter Boots- Ebay
Scarf- SarieJune  IF you have Christmas Gift Cards, this is a great place to buy goodies for you!!!! Check out her website.
Blood Hound- Elliott

Work Day.

Hello Windy Day in Oregon.

Necklace- Gifted (Fred Meyer)
Sweater- Gifted (old Navy)
Gold Blouse - Gifted (Nordstrom Rack)
Jeans- American Eagle
Boots- Gifted (Target)

 Hanging out with my Hound dog on my day off.

I love all day long PJ's!  Literally all I did was take down all the Christmas Decorations and bathed the Hound Dog, then we cuddled and read and took naps. It was a perfect day off, minus Husband who was at work, bringing home the bacon. Love that man.

Christmas Eve. (Our Church Service)

Dress- gifted (H&M)
Belt- Came with another dress
Blue Heels- Payless

 My new Christmas Present from a dear friend. So excited to own my first pair of TOMS!!! 

 Wednesday Work and Mall Trip with the Sister in law.

 Blazer-  H&M (Gifted)
 Sweater- Old Navy
 White Button down- H&M (Gifted)
 Jeans- American Eagle
 Boots- Target (Gifted) 
**Its my first time wearing short boots and WITH fur!!! I have the song stuck in my head ("boots with the fur, the whole club was looking at her") what a nice Inappropriate little rap to have stuck in your head at work, Wonderful!!

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After.

It comes in like a whirlwind and leaves even faster. Just 48 hours of Christmas Time (I like to include Christmas ever, its sad to leave it out) By far it was the best one yet, I love being married to Husband, and getting to spend everyday life with him especially this time of year. I love starting traditions that will be in our family forever, and remembering (not just today , but especially today) Why He came into the world, and knowing it was because He loves us more then we will ever know, it was by Grace. What a wonderful Birthday of Jesus Christ we get to celebrate.

 Our Brittingham Christmas included a few of these things:

The Sister (Noelle) and her husband Isaac.

1st Annual Cousins Christmas Eve Football Game. 

Lets just say we are all getting older and woke up Christmas Morning SORE!

Husband and I on our 3rd Christmas eve together.

 The Lehman, Axmaker, Brittingahm and McKinley Family Christmas Eve.
Family Picture, Usually takes around seven attempts to get one good picture, but so much fun.

Brother Jeff, Mamma, Dad, Me, Husband, Sister Noelle, Brother in law Isaac.

Husband getting one of his favorite gifts! Our Outside Fire Pit.

We gather at My Mammas house and do it up right!

 Shirt- H&M
Hunter Boots- Ebay

Followed up by spending the evening together watching movies, playing with our new things and drinking tea together. Couldn't be more perfect. Its everything I ever wanted when I dreamed about spending my holidays with my husband!

Merry Christmas From Our house to yours! And until next year, may it be the best year yet.

I cant wait to start wearing some of my new cloths I got and I am happy to say ... I am typing this from my new laptop from husband (he surprised me with it) and my pictures (almost all ) come from my AMAZING new camera (from my loving Gramps)
We are blessed beyond words and love our family.

Happy Day after.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

A late night Christmas Date.

 We had started Sunday with church, then lunch together followed up by old episodes of "The Office"  which lead to a 30 min nap for both of us. After that we hit the ground running, I went and served a free community Dinner with My team :The Country Christian School Student Council  I then came home floors were in desperate need of attention so I  took care of that, vacuumed, swept, mopped, dusted, dishes, laundry, sheets followed (I get into the flow). Husband came home empty handed from his trip into town (attempt to buy me Christmas gifts, even though we said we were going to skip them this year)   So a new plan arose , we loaded in the car went to McDonald's....I know wife of the year here, he had his gross dinner while I had Ice cream! sat in the car in the empty parking lot and had a dinner date and then decided to head up to the mall where we spent the next 4 hours. Returning home at 11:45pm and with gifts. Amazing how I can always come back with something. It is beyond my reason to think someone could go to the mall and not get anything (probably just because I love to shop and love EVERYTHING) .  But Husband did try hard to buy me gifts that I wouldn't know about, but I am 100% okay knowing what I will be opening under the tree. He truly is the most amazing man in the world and gives me everything I could possibly want or need. 

 Oh Yes, we also went Caroling....I was nervous the entire time. I am not one for public singing when there is not loud music to drowned out my voice. 

My Beautiful baby sister Noelle (who is in fact taller then me, and she is bending down so that she is not "that much taller" ) 
My amazing Cousin Ashley in the back, Skyping with our Aunt in DC.

Merry Almost Christmas From the Brittingham House! 

Love , Nicole

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


What I Wore Wednesday & a Whatever Wednesday.

Sunday - Retro Day 

Wedges- Famous Footwear
 Jeans- Forever 21
 Top- Kholes 
 Belt- Buckle 
 Hat - Forever 21

Monday- Work Day

Boots- Target 
 Jeans- American Eagle 
 Feather belt- Urban Outfitters 
 Shirt- Old Navy 
 Jacket - Thrifted (Gap)
 Purse - Thrifted (Nicole Miller)  

 Tuesday- Work & Basketball game

vest- American Eagle 

Wednesday- Work and Shopping Day

army Jacket- Nordstrom Rack
Shirt- Old Navy
Pants- Loft  
Boots-Gifted to me.

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What We Wore and Made 

I threw this in there because it reminds me of a very special lady and my family. 
 If you walked into my grandparents house on Christmas you would be looking at this, this picture of love and family.My Grammy who has now passed away made each one of her kids and Grand kids matching stockings. They have hung on the mantle every year and are a sweet reminder of her and how special she made every holiday (especially Christmas) It reminds me of how fun the holiday season can be, the Small things make it memorable not the gifts. 

Happy Wednesday! Be reminded in the small ways today! 



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Color Brigade!

No Rules.

I am slowly learning that when it comes to my clothing and outfit combos I can have freedoms, I can have "no rules" its a fun change of pace then the normal brown and blacks, always have one matching piece....but my questions is "who says?!" Who's rules are those?

 Today I wore, Brown, Yellow and White. Layered up and still felt stylish. 

 vest- American Eagle 
 Gap sweater- Thrifted
 Yellow Tank- Forever 21
 Vigos Jeans- Nordstrom 
 Pumps- Target

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Happy mixing and matching!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Patches  & Ugg's 

 1. It is the last day of school before Christmas Break....Which means a few things. (1. the kids are out of control with excitement and bouncing off the walls from SUGAR (2. I have extra energy to get EVERYTHING done because its the last day I have to wake up early for 2 weeks!
2. After "The Well" ended last night, husband and I watched Beauty And The Beast and cuddled on the couch. Where in fact I fell asleep, but that should not be a surprise to either husband or myself, because there is something intoxicating about husband, in his plain with shirt, his smell, the Christmas tree all lite up, drink tea together. . . I am out. So I did not see much of the movie but I was right where I wanted to be (no better place)
 3. I love Disney movies. I am truly a kid at heart.
 4. Today has been a Patches and Ugg's kind of day!

Sweater- Forever 21
 Stripe shirt- Target 
 Jeans- Nordstroms 
 Ugg's- FAKE version Payless
 Scarf- Forever 21

5. My hound dog is very sweet but very large. 
 6. Me and her like to dance together everyday!  

 SHE IS NOT an alien, I know her eyes are glowing THEY ALWAYS DO IT.

 *she is not biting me she is dancing, she does enjoy it for awhile.

Happy Friday for everyone!