Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I may just be going home....

June 7th-

So remember that amazingly beautiful field I mentioned in my last post??!!
Well I was confessing to my sweet Teachers Assistant (and friend) Courteney about me sneaking into this beautiful field( because trespassing in a beautiful field does not count at actual trespassing it cancels it out) when she starts laughing. I look at her like "umm seriously what?! do I have a sign on my back again?" 
she says well that's my grandparents house and farm, we own that entire field and land...so you were trespassing on my land!!!!!

Oh the irony in my life...I never get away with anything! We both had a good laugh about that one!
I am on , "an only wear thrifted items" lately.  2nd day in a row I have from head to toe great deals on! I am going to continue on to see how many more I can create!

Sweater- Thrifted from Goodwill (Target)    $3.99
Belt- Thrifted from Bufflo Exchange           $2.99
linen pants Thrifted- (Banana Republic)     $4.99
Shoes- Famous Footwear                         $25.99

I have also noticed I have 2 poses...and yes you just saw both of them!!! Good thing I am not five foot ten and a supermodel I would be kicked out!

Confession of the day:

I am a sucker for Costco cake....When said girl above walks into my office with a ginormous piece of Costco cake (extra frosting- because its a corner piece) how is a girl not suppose to eat it!!!! NOW before you judge me I did only eat a little bit of it and gave the rest away (and didn't eat the extra frosting)!!! that is what I call success people!! Then I went on a run today~ you know my big race is coming up on Saturday, got to compete....go big or go home...but this time around I may just be going home.....

Nic & Cole 


  1. I love the purple top! and what, pray tell, is the name of the race you are running in and how many miles? Do tell:)

  2. Love the poses, love the outfit (as I already told you when I gushed over you in the office), love the field story... ha ha! You will rock the race!

  3. I couldnt help but laugh when you told me about your trespassing haha You are welcome to take pic's in my feild anytime! haha. Im glad you enjoyed the cake I brought you :)Good luck on the race!