Friday, September 30, 2011


Sometimes you just feel like Big Bird......

MY OUTFIT:    Sweater -Forever 21. Skirt - Romy . Yellow Tights - Urban outfitters. Boots - Alloy 
I have yet to actually wear these tights...have had them in my closet for about a year. I put them on and feel like Big Bird every time. But today I braved it. Does not mean I still do not feel like a big giant lovable bird! 

My adorable and stylish friend Courteney showing off her creative outfit this beautiful Fall morning! She is so cute and sweet!  The Husband and I head off to Disneyland in 2 hours (well California really ) but to me everything in California is Disneyland.....even though we will be going to a wedding, knotts berry farms and other things including Disney....I just am really really looking forward to a "just him and me time"
Happy weekend and week!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Always running a little late!

My Sunday Look. 

Dress- Sears, Blue Belt- Thrifted, Jean Shirt - Target, Sandals - Thrifted, Black Blazer- Thrifted

I felt very Kourtney Kardshian in this today, she always makes her simple outfits look stunning, like it took her hours to get ready but only a few min at the same time!
I have not worn my hair pulled back like these since I was 12 years old and just didn't do my hair, but now its IN! I scored this dress at Sears on my spur of the moment shopping with my 19 year old brother,  for a big ole 7.99!!! His response to it "Ya I guess its better then the other one you picked out, its really blue though" BOYS.
I had maybe 5 minutes to get ready for Church this Sunday, so I  paired it with a target jean shirt, threw a thrifted belt on and sandals I am not too sure of ,and BAM. I was actually very pleased with the entire outfit, a little out of my normal comfort zone I would stay within. 

Good news my wonderful husband is home, and we are gearing up for vacation in T - 4 days! 
Our puppy is experiencing her first "Rain" of the season and her life thus far, she was a little freaked out by it and now just sits by the back door and wants to look out. However when I forced her out on Sunday morning I came home to find her curled up on her bed. She had moved it under cover and had gathered her favorite toys and let them be on her bed  and made sure they were  safely out of the rain, she left the remaining toys out to get wet! I swear her personality grows daily. 


Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello Yellow

Some days I get to welcome the big bright yellow/orange thing in the sky. Seeing as i live in a place that rains more days then not, when we get sun on a fall day...its like gold. We almost do not know what to do with ourselves. But no worries we did, Husband took me out on a great date day and had Mexican food and bought Grocery's and dog food from Wilco (its amazing how much date night changes when you get married and I know it will change again once we have kids) BUT It was perfect.

Floral Shirt- Consignment Store 4.99. Silk Skirt 2.00 Garage Sale. Belt Garage Sale 1.00. Shows Brown Wedges 19.99 Sale rack at DSW                           TOTAL OUTFIT: 27.98

white Sweater. Goodwill 4.99 (new with Target Tags on) Brown 3/4th sleeve shirt. Old Navy 16.99 . Yellow Forever 21 skinny's . Friend Garage Sale 2.00 . Ridding Boots. Friends Garage Sale 2.00 Hello new outfit. Total =  25.98
Both outfits are "Dressed on a Dime"

And I am learning how to "Dress on a Dime"  Here is my wise knowledge for today, I will give to you:

 1. Its okay to wear "hand me downs" heard me correct!

At one point I remember hating when I had to wear my cousins or friends or even garage sale cloths, I remember worn out knees on jeans, fuzz balls on dis -colored shirts, shoes that are missing the black on the toe's or scratches on them. BUT they are not all like that, switch your thinking. You can find amazing, and I mean amazing things at consignment stores and second hand stores or from a friend. And the way you wear  it may be completly different then the way your friend wore it. It's a  money savor. I know when I go I say "Husband I saved a ton of money,  look at this shirt it was ONLY 4.99!" He catches on quick thought! :)  
you can go and buy a complete outfit at say Goodwill then you could get for a single item retail price! SO if you are needing a lot of pieces for your wardrobe go, find, dig and conquer a second hand store!!! 

Happy almost Weekend, husband is out of town until Sunday and I am left up to my own devices. I have an issue of staying up super late, because lets face it that's when I am the best me! I clean, I cook, I bake, I organize, I start craft projects, I decided to train our dog, I do the long over due folding and hanging up my cloths, and starting loads of laundry (good thing we have our own house now, our neighbors hated us in our apartment...well they hated me!) . Now normally husband is home to help me figure out that 11:30 is not the best time to start all these things and we go to bed, but when he is not home.....I have no gauge on what normal time is for bed. So around 1ish maybe closer to 2 I finally was sleeping. Now If you are wondering, YES PEOPLE,  Six Am comes very, very soon going to bed that late, and I think it does something to my dreams....Strange dreams, very real dreams...not the best. I hate when I wake up feeling weird from a dream. I have had a this issue since I was little, Having very real feeling dreams, where I remember them when I wake up and can remember them all day, sometimes they feel so real I think it happened. I get night terrors that I wake up man screaming (because I lack the ability to scream like a girl) to and can remember them, its all very weird. So I say all of that to may be a long day today for little ole' Nicole . 

Nic & Cole (Tired Version)