Monday, June 20, 2011

'Cause I'd like to see you out in the moonlight
I'd like to kiss you way back in the sticks
I'd like to walk you through a field of wildflowers
And I'd like to check you for ticks. 
(Brad Paisley -Ticks)

I love when my life or my day is like a country song. Sweet Husband to cheer me up after waking up in a  gloomy mood (partially because of the weather, when I wake up on a Saturday it should not be rainy and 60 degrees!!), took me to Starbucks (getting me a cranberry orange scone always helps) and then on a drive out to the middle of no where ....with a promise to show me something awesome. 
Knowing my love for the country and for country songs and for field of wildflowers took me here:

                                                             Skinny Jeans - American Eagle 
                                        Sheer blouse - forever 21 
                                        Coral Sweater- Gap
                                        Retro Brown jacket- Target 
                                        Brown Leather boots- Nordstrom

What an amazing man I have married and get to spend my entire life with. It was so beautiful and just what I needed and orange is my favorite color.

I don't know what it is about fields of wildflowers but its almost perfect, just peaceful and surreal feeling when you are there.We named it Brittingham field (and as I confess this trespassing story I just hope that no one owns this field like the last time)  I only trespass when it is necessary- and this WAS!!! 

Nic & Cole

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  1. I love fields of wildflowers too and we saw the most gorgeous field on the way to the beach this weekend, all purple and white lupines... AMAZING!! I would have stopped and taken a picture but my hubby was on a mission to get us to the coast!!!!