Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Running into someone you know and forgetting their name. and just saying "Hey You" 
- Waking your self up by hitting and trying to "kill" a bug that is on you...but you were in fact just bugs! 
- honestly forgetting your age, when someone in the store asks you...."no sir I am not making up my age to sound older i just honestly forgot." Yes I am 26 now. I had a birthday.
-belting out a country song while stopped at a red light and then looking over at the car next to me and seeing them making fun of me! Awkward for them...I do not care, i am busy practicing for my future career as a country singer..."don't they know who i am?"
- Screaming like a man (because I lack the ability to high pitch scream) when a baby frog was on my lounge chair.


- Wheat fields....have you ever walked through one? they are super awesome and amazing. 
-knowing while walking through that wheat field if there was a snake I had my boots on and could step on it...not that I honestly thought I would step on it but just in case I didn't take off running I could. 
-Brittingham family reunion this weekend. Hello family!!
- having out first house in laws (love) and my oldest brother and sister in law and their 3 adorable kids!!! 
- 4th of July is this weekend, which means BBQ's , Buckaroo, Carnival, Cowboy boots, Cowboy Hat, Country Music,  and best of all 80 degree weather! 
- Line dancing at our church  during the morning service. Hold onto your hats its going to be Epic! 
-purchasing an old trunk that I am turning into something super cool.....don't worry I will not keep you in suspense too long..Tomorrow you will see!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

just keep waiting!

The game called Waiting ....

I am the worlds worst at waiting...just ask husband (or my parents) I have been this way since I was a kid. If I see something I like,  I don't do research, I don't wait and come back and get it ! No I am a buy kinda girl, compulsive (if you must use that word) shopper. I have had a few mishaps being like this...MY CAR. .. MY LAPTOP....A DOG, that poor little dog, little did it know after 12 hours it was not going to be mine any more.... The list still goes on, but for my sake of reminiscing on bad decisions I am going to stop. Husband on the other hand, is a ponderer...he See's something he likes, researches, waits, decides, does more research, talks about it then if all checks out he goes to get it....I see his pattern working a lot better for him then mine. however i did put my foot down when it came to buying a tree and this is where that got us!!
Please do not be deceived, he is actually very happy about this.
My Compulsive purchase that ended up in the backseat and my seat was all the way forward was a great purchase and looks amazing in our front yard. Sometimes it does pay off!!!

 I saw this rug Sunday Night on sale at World Market. . .  ....
 Showed it to husband and my Chic friend Sarah... thumbs I went out on Monday and got it. BAM just like that DONE.

Here it is in my house to make my living room way more complete and cozy feeling! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Good purchase.

However I ordered a couple things on Amazon and I almost ripped the packages out of the UPS man's hands when they arrived, signed so fast that it does not even look like my name. I got all giddy and excited....only to find out they were not for me! Sad I am still waiting. This is why I buy nothing on much waiting. 


Friday, June 24, 2011

Small town living

Rainy Day in Molalla-

we are gearing up for the big 4th celebration we have every year here in Molalla. That's one thing I love about a small country town, we know how to celebrate the patriotic holiday ! but its been a super rainy and gloomy day around here! I am ready for my summer! Did you know in a small town, things close down early? like 8pm early?! and when did 8pm become early....the only shopping store I have is more Target trips..sad face for me. (very happy face for husband) No sit down REAL Starbucks. . . I walk into Safeway and see 7 people I know. Have a new conversation in each isle...makes my grocery shopping much funner.
BUT I love it, all of, I love the same home feeling I get every time I go for a drive, or a run. I love knowing (at times feels like everyone) most of the people in my home town. I love other then Sunday's there is no traffic. But on Sunday's you should avoid Main Street...seeing as it is a 4 way stop not a signal could take awhile.
Its nice, its perfect!

Feeling a little country today! My wonderful friend Sara and I are doing a line dancing expedition for our Big 4th of July Church Service. And today we are practicing ...its always easier to line dance in my boots and lets be real....I just love them A LOT~ Husband came and had coffee with me and I loved every second of that, I adore getting to spend the day with him. He kindly took these pictures before he left . What a guy! !

Nic & Cole

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Country Girl at Heart~

What goes better with country then stripes?!!!!

Some things you should know about me going into this new season (summer):

1. I love SUMMER
2. I love warm weather and heat. I could easily be a desert (dry heat) kind of girl. If only  husband would let me move.
3. I hate wearing shorts.
4. I love seeing Gods grace at work in friendships. Its only by His love and grace that they are restored.
5. I love the 4th of July.....I love the buckaroo (our local rodeo) I love my cowboy boots!!!
6. I love driving with the windows down, listing to country music holding Husbands hand!!!
7. I am ready to trade all my cloths out for new ones. complete make over!
A more brave outfit for me: Not normally one to live on the edge but I felt like I did with this one!

Gray skinny's: American eagle
Strip shirt: target
denim shirt: Target
Red Keds : Thrifted
Brown skinny belt: Urban Outfitter

I am a country girl at heart! I love almost all things country. And i really enjoyed this outfit, and it was fun to do something different. So my challenge to you all, Step out and be brave, wear something you normally wouldn't have.

Nic & Cole

Monday, June 20, 2011

'Cause I'd like to see you out in the moonlight
I'd like to kiss you way back in the sticks
I'd like to walk you through a field of wildflowers
And I'd like to check you for ticks. 
(Brad Paisley -Ticks)

I love when my life or my day is like a country song. Sweet Husband to cheer me up after waking up in a  gloomy mood (partially because of the weather, when I wake up on a Saturday it should not be rainy and 60 degrees!!), took me to Starbucks (getting me a cranberry orange scone always helps) and then on a drive out to the middle of no where ....with a promise to show me something awesome. 
Knowing my love for the country and for country songs and for field of wildflowers took me here:

                                                             Skinny Jeans - American Eagle 
                                        Sheer blouse - forever 21 
                                        Coral Sweater- Gap
                                        Retro Brown jacket- Target 
                                        Brown Leather boots- Nordstrom

What an amazing man I have married and get to spend my entire life with. It was so beautiful and just what I needed and orange is my favorite color.

I don't know what it is about fields of wildflowers but its almost perfect, just peaceful and surreal feeling when you are there.We named it Brittingham field (and as I confess this trespassing story I just hope that no one owns this field like the last time)  I only trespass when it is necessary- and this WAS!!! 

Nic & Cole

Friday, June 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

 Downtown Edition~

 -People watching at the Portland Rose Festival. ( basically a glorified Carnival)
-Actually just being at the Rose Festival. 
-Wait paying to get into the Rose Festival just to people watch.
- Creepy man that followed us, who in fact wore a FAKE "Sheriff" uniform (not even a police uniform, not sure what division he was Sheriff of...but was just creepy....) then as we stopped to watch the parade I look up to the top of a parking garage next to me and there he is on top of it looking at us. Garnet there are a lot of people there and the actual likely hood of him watching US, is slim but my paranoia gets the best of me when I am surrounded by that much AWKWARD! Might be a little too much for me
- a strange man walking up to us and saying " I like your hat it looks really good on you!" Great thank you, now I attract the crazies...even though it did make me smile when he said that I was fashionable!! 
- calling someone the wrong name , even though you sound so confident saying it, and using the wrong name over and think I would learn.
- Being terrified to go on the Ferris Wheel. Yelling at Husband the entire time...."don't move, don't shake it, I need a seat belt, what are these people crazy not strapping me in!"
-Posting Awkward and awesome Thursday on FRIDAY!!!!!!! 

-Celebrating our one year anniversary. 
-Staying in the same hotel we did on our honeymoon.
-When someone calls me Mrs. Brittingham! I normally do not feel old enough to be a Mrs. but enjoy it when called by it.
- Getting feathers in my hair and loving them!!
- Getting a couples massage...oh man it was wonderful
-Watching your baby sister graduate from College! 
- Having the top of our Cake recreated so we can eat it on our one year anniversary!
- FINALLY GETTING BLINDS IN OUR HOUSE!!! can you say Privacy?! heck yes!
- Getting to hug my Nanna and spend the day with all my family and friends that I adore.
- realizing you are getting old and you can not ride the "young rides" anymore, so you reward yourself on that fact by splitting an elephant ear with Husband! and then a LARGE bag of Carmel corn to go! 
-Walking downtown with no cares in the world just holding his hand = perfect awesomeness! 
-Carnival Food- pretty much AWESOME at all times!

Nic & Cole

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where to Begin?

Just keep running ......

I have so much to blog about and it goes in phases...nothing happens, no reason to blog unless you want to know how much laundry I did or I sat on the couch and watched Glee...(oh boy I just admitted and put that out there in the blogging world... I have started watching it) and then there are weekends like this one where I have so much I am bursting at the seams. So here it goes, I hope you can keep up!

Saturday June 11th Kicked off our weekend with a 4:45am Wake up call. RACE TIME! it was super hard for Husband to get up, I mean he was not racing he was just the driver and the encourager. . I on the other hand had butterflies in my tummy from that moment on, I jumped out of bed, raced to the shower....encouraged Husband to get moving!!
Arrive at the Hillsboro Stadium / field at 7:00am sign in and register.. I believe as we rounded the corner and saw the runners and the event, I said: "turn around I am going home" - I was serious. He didn't listen to me and parked. We meet up with my Brother in law "Big Mike" and Myah. 

I got my number, I am ready!!! At this point I was focused, I was prepared, I was scared out of my mind ! There were people with camel packs on (if you dont know what they are please do not feel bad I didn't know until that day..) they are basically Fanny packs with water bottles in them or a back pack looking thing with water and a long straw to drink while running! Short shorts, running "at one point super cool target running brand" failed in comparison to these people! 

Both Big Mike and Myah have ran marathons before! and MOST OF ALL: Trained for this one.
 We stood around for almost an hour! Then it was time, we made our way to the starting line and like any true athletic competition we sang the national anthem and a gun went off....then we walked through the starting line, and  the crowd  and THEN we were off! 

I don't even know what I got my self into at this point!!!!


At Mile 5.5 I thought I was going to die, I had focused the entire race to keep positive, to repeat over and over..."you can do this. You are a strong woman" But there came a point when I slowed my pace, and people passed me, SLOWER then people. A man pushing a double stroller passed me...that was NOT FUN. Then a point  that I had pushed my body too much, and just when I slowed down, a lady ran up next to me said "You can do it! you are almost there!!!" I thought I could have cried. I needed that right then. I stepped it up and paced myself behind her and went. As I rounded the last corner and could hear the stadium cheering and knew Husband was there waiting and cheering for me, I ran as fast as I could. Running on turf is wonderful and helped increase my speed, I passed a few people at the last min (always a cool thing) I had made it. My very proud husband was there right at the finish line (which says START, not sure why) waiting and taking my picture. Got a few pictures of me, trying to suck wind (those unfortunately didn't make it on here, they actually didn't even make it into our SAVED photos!! :] ) 

6.4 MILES RAN!!! Came in 59th out of 111 in my age group. Took Me 1:06:07 to complete.And next Time "Mr. Man pushing a double your back I am going to beat you!!"
This was a huge accomplishment for me. I have been wanting to do this for 5 years. I have overcome a lot of nerves and done a lot to get here! I loved every minute of it. I honestly do not know how I did it. but I DID!!!!

Thank you guys for all your support and encouragement! It was a blast and I will do many more. BUT this time I will train for them!


Friday, June 10, 2011

One Year~

Love Is

*Him letting me win every once in awhile in our games, and debates (even though he is usually right!)
*Letting me eat off his plate, when he askes me "do you want any food while I am up??" I kindly say no, then eat his as soon as he sits down.!
*Getting up when he just settles into the couch to bring me a blanket or my pillow. 
*Just smiling and saying I look good, when I come home with new and more cloths then I could possibly need.
*Holding my hand while I fall asleep, just becuase he knows I like it.
* playing with my hair while we are driving or in a movie.
*randomly texting me just to say "I love you"
*Reading my blog, then sharing with me a piece of what I wrote.
*when he makes the bed for me (if you knew my OCD this would make you understand why its LOVE for me)
*When he laugh's really hard while watching the office.
*How he is always taking care of me whenever and however.
*How hard he works and how he juggles all that he does and makes time for me to feel most important in his life.
*telling me, "I waited my entire life for you. And I am so glad I did" ....okay melt my heart.
*taking me to ice cream and fro-yo even though he is lactose in-tolerant. And watches me eat ice cream, because I love it!

Happy anniversary Baby. I am blessed beyond words to be the girl of your dreams. This has been the best and happiest year of my life. I love being able to live everyday with you and grow together in life and love. You are a Joy, a blessing, my best friend. I would not be who I am today with you !!
Here is to 1 Year and many many more!!!

~Your Nicole Renee
The Dress~

Love at First sight~

One of those never forget~

(I have no words for this....I am teary eye just looking at it)

Our cake!
*we ended up only getting to eat one bit of our cake at the wedding this one....Saddens me! It was the best cake in the world. And we decided to eat the Top of our cake when we got home from our honeymoon. Very wise decision since it was THE BEST ! But now I am a little sad we do not have one to eat on our 1 year anniversary!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


You know that classic story...goes something like this "Run, Run, Run as fast as you can. You cant catch me I'm the gingerbread man" 
For one....weird little childrens rhyme.....and why have I been repeating it over and over in my head.
Second...who is chasing a gingerbread man anyways??
I say all of that to say.........
third. I will be running on Saturday in the Helvetia half marathon. But I will not be running the half I will be running the my terms its 6miles. I would be afraid to see how I would "run to save my life" ...I know I know adrenalin sets in and helps propel you..SO HERE IS MY NEW THOUGHT....think someone is out to get hunt me down and get me just maybe my speed will increase. (weird that I think like that)
fourth: Not having blinds in our house.....can you say "Hello Neighbors" 
fifth: learning how to plant 1 single little flower plant (seriously i do not even know the lingo) .....I am pretty sure I had more dirt on me then the ground. . . Being a home owner =kicking my behind! 
See that little white flower in front there....ya that's what I planted...took me a long while and it looks so lonely. 
fifth: spending 2 1/2 hours watering my yard one point the water coming out of the hose was warmer then it was outside..and i decide to start these projects at 9pm....that's right baby 11.30 was done. and you may be thinking..."why didn't you buy a sprinkler?" Good question...."we are new at this....and so I stood there moving from one spot to the next watering my LARGE YARD!!!

1. Happy half day of work for me beginning TODAY. (now until September)
3. I will be running on Saturday in the Helvetia half marathon. But I will not be running the half I will be running the my terms its 6miles. 
 *please note I did use this last one in both my Awkward and Awesome Column, because I view it as both!
 4. It is my 1 year anniversary on Sunday June 12th.Husband and I are going for a couples massage and then a surprise date day . We will be going to Disneyland in October so that is our big celebration.
5. My sister is graduating on Sunday from College and we are hosting her graduation party!!
6. I got feathers for my hair!! oh man I am so excited, thank you Alicia!
7. Having a yard to water, being a home owner...nothing more exciting! 

 * A nice 70 Degree Day here in good ole Molalla. 
Sweater: Gap (thrifted- DI) - $2.99
Scarf : Urban Outfitters -$12.99
Jeans: American Eagle Skinny - $29.99
Shoes : ANA - Macy - $7.99 ( a Rocking Deal)

My adorable Hayden Hernandez. at our BBQ on Saturday! Man I love this kid.

Nic & Cole

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I may just be going home....

June 7th-

So remember that amazingly beautiful field I mentioned in my last post??!!
Well I was confessing to my sweet Teachers Assistant (and friend) Courteney about me sneaking into this beautiful field( because trespassing in a beautiful field does not count at actual trespassing it cancels it out) when she starts laughing. I look at her like "umm seriously what?! do I have a sign on my back again?" 
she says well that's my grandparents house and farm, we own that entire field and you were trespassing on my land!!!!!

Oh the irony in my life...I never get away with anything! We both had a good laugh about that one!
I am on , "an only wear thrifted items" lately.  2nd day in a row I have from head to toe great deals on! I am going to continue on to see how many more I can create!

Sweater- Thrifted from Goodwill (Target)    $3.99
Belt- Thrifted from Bufflo Exchange           $2.99
linen pants Thrifted- (Banana Republic)     $4.99
Shoes- Famous Footwear                         $25.99

I have also noticed I have 2 poses...and yes you just saw both of them!!! Good thing I am not five foot ten and a supermodel I would be kicked out!

Confession of the day:

I am a sucker for Costco cake....When said girl above walks into my office with a ginormous piece of Costco cake (extra frosting- because its a corner piece) how is a girl not suppose to eat it!!!! NOW before you judge me I did only eat a little bit of it and gave the rest away (and didn't eat the extra frosting)!!! that is what I call success people!! Then I went on a run today~ you know my big race is coming up on Saturday, got to compete....go big or go home...but this time around I may just be going home.....

Nic & Cole 

Monday, June 6, 2011

A weekend adventure worth having....
It finally broke 80 degree's here in the Great North West. The only issue with this is it goes from 40 degree in the morning and then hitting 80 in the afternoon...that is a huge jump for us pasty white Pac NWesterns to handle. Needless to say I AM BURNT!!!! 
Here it goes~

Friday-  Had our Jr. High graduation. on our way home, Husband granted my request and stopped to take pictures in this amazing field...I have decided this is where I want all my pictures taken, and to take a nap in it one day! its gorgeous, almost like soemthing you would DREAM UP. BUT it is real. Friends came over to see our new place and showered us with gifts :)

My welcome mat!!!!

Skirt- Thrifted (crossroads) $7.99
Sweater- Thrifted DI  $4.99
Boat Shoes- Thrifted (goodwill) $4.99

MY 100% Thrifted OUTFIT!!! I love it.

Saturday - slept in....SO NICE! Then took a nice long walk and explored our new small city! Went garage sale-ling ....came back empty handed. Walked a different way to our wonderful frineds Dave and Kelly. Had so much delish food! Then hiked home...a whopping 10 min walk (pure awesomeness) and then had some friends over for game night....filled with popcorn, candy, and goldfish! 

Sunday AM About 3am I woke up not feeling good...3:30am Pepto came out of the cupboard ...4am began the start to what I am not sure is Food poisoning or the flu.....PURE sickness. I am still her Monday dealing with it! Gross.

Sunday -Then when the last thing that sounds good is food what happens, we hit 3 BBQ for our graduation seniors and they all have AMAZING food. . . ugg. Now I need a do-over (probably better if i didnt) Followed up by a HUGE Thunderstorm where Husband and I sat out on our front pourch in the dark adn watch the lighting light up the sky...priceless. Its one of those moments that dont happen very much and I take a mental snap shot! Man I love that man so much.

*showcasing his new glasses!!!

Nic & Cole ~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Awkward & Awesome.

-Texting the wrong person....good thing it was not bad or about that person!
-Having Husband take pictures of the picture I am in mid picture my cloths are spread all over the bedroom (clearly my cloths) next one....underwears (that's what we call them in my house!)  hanging out of a box (again clearly mine) OH HUSBAND!!!! 
-having someone pull a taped paper off my back that says "Kick me" REALLY?! *now my little mind wanders....did they mean that? what did I do to someone? who would say that? Oh my heart is sad! I don't like this place! Kids are mean!"  See how my mind processes things!!!!
-Wearing shorts on a rainy hopes it will inspire the sun to come out. but turns out it only makes me cold and I have to use my little heater all day long! Oh Silly me, my mistake!!!
-Developing a weird rash/reaction to I think my new carpet. now I have scratch/itching marks up my left leg. just flat out weird.

-forgetting it was awkward & Awesome day...but then spilling coffee on my white shorts and saying..oh man that's awkward! Totally on Que for the day=awesome
-Dual shower heads in our bathroom. 
- Hanging up on 2 people today (please note they were sales people and annoying me today)
- Finding screaming deals at Goodwill yesterday. Decorations for my house and 2 pairs of shoes!!! And I know you may be cloths....YES I did good. no cloths! Look at me I am sticking to a somewhat budget! 
*Love my boat shoes!

for now ~
Nic & Cole