Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today is is finally "home ownership day" and I can not be more happy. (a little overwhelmed- but that is just from lack of sleep and too much packing) See I am not the kind of person that can just put a little of everything in a box and seal it up. It has to be similar it has to be in the same room, so when we unpack there is not a little bit everywhere. So its a little more work, but we did it. The Apartment is destroyed...boxes stacked floor to top, no sign that we lived there, except a few marks here and there. In a way I am a little sad...that was our first place together. A lot of first there. ;)

this is only half of this. Did I mention how much I love moving!

And my day would not be complete with out this sweet bunch of kids. They come hug me everyday and love me and say they just want me to have a good day, and love hugging me. Then they each tell me something they love about me or my outfit...and umm hello I am a words person my love tank just overflows. And it all started with my sweet little Madison, she alone started to hug me and now its these girls:

I am blessed. Blessed beyond words. I will miss these sweet faces during the summer.

Pictures to come of the new house TOMORROW!!!!!

Nic & Cole

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So I have given myself an "out" for failing at taking pictures of my outfit. Ready for my super lame excuse?!
"It is because I do not have a good set up at home for my blogging. I blog on my can not upload pictures on your Ipad from your camera...therefore I do not upload them, too much work to pull out the laptop (plug it in because it is as old as I am and the battery life sustains it for the time it takes to power up then shuts off if not plugged in) umm hello I need wireless...that's the day and age we are in, NO CORDS!! I think a new laptop is on my wish list (and a new bed). " Anyways I say all of that, (and I realized no periods were used.....that's just the mood I am in today) to say I am a committed blogger and will make it better once I move in.
Ok got that out of the way. 
 We move in 1 Day...1 Day.I am so excited I could jump up and down (wait already did that)..We went on a "walk through" yesterday and oh my goodness it is the best house in the world.!!! I am not going to visit it again until Tom carry's me through the threshold tomorrow night!! Grass is in..bark dust...paint is being touched up..REAL door is done..paving should be happening today...fence going in. Please see attached photo..I am really proud parent!!!

Still needs some work but Oh man its close. And in my excitement I failed to take any pictures inside the house! So this is what you get to see!! I have made 5 different lists, I have so much to do. But this is where I kick in. I can do this I thrive on this stuff!!! ITS GO TIME!

Nic & Cole

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cloths, Buffalo and Washers.......

Have you ever made a "bad decision" and by bad I mean more of a "oh man I really shouldn't have ate that extra cookie"... or "man I really should have washed my hair!" Well those may just be two things I should have done, followed my intuition..I am a woman I have that, Right?! . I may have not only ate 2 cookies but ate 4!!! What can I say?! They were good, actually amazing. And It was a bad, very bad decision to not wash my hair... oh man BAD HAIR DAY of the year happening. I had even brought a hat to put on and it didn't cover the horribleness that is my hair! 

So by 2:30 (the end of the school day and almost the end of my work day) I know by the way, what you are thinking "oh man hard life!! Getting off at 3pm"   My hair was up in a pony tail. Not even a cute "blogger bun" no just an stinky (not really stinky) oily pony tail after accepting my loss! But a sweet little freshman walked in and told me how cute my hair looked today!! Perception is everything!  

TODAY  however I am clean, washed, oil free hair and rocking the full bangs! NO HAT NEEDED.
Today I will go meet husband up in P-town and sign some papers then  pick up our appliances. Then drive back down to the Mo and do a walk through on the house!
Ohh the fun date days we get to have. I am looking forward to when I am no long picking out washers on a date :) 

Over the weekend Husband took me on a date morning to "crossroads trading Co." and Buffalo Exchange" Where I sold a total of almost $300.00 (retail price) of clothing to them. At the first store I had purchased clothing so money to take home, and for Thomas' sake I took the money and ran from Buffalo. And by ran I mean we were done shopping! 

So 2 1/2  years ago, our friends went to buy a phone from "Nicole's Boyfriend" What can I say it was love at first sight for them, and whats not to love??!! Tom is an amazing guy with a big personality and even bigger heart!!!
Here is a photo from that day!

Dawson just went in last week and got a new one....This is the followig conversation:

Dawson: "Ya hey man, we are going into Canby to buy a phone you there today?
Tom: "No but go on in and I will get you the hook up!"
Daws: "Sweet thanks Man" 
Tom: "of Course!!" 
*please note, all the boy slang...makes me giggle! 

Toms Calles the store:
Empolyee: Hey Tom...Ya they are here, they just got here. I will give them a good deal!

Tom:  They are my family, you treat them good, you make sure and get them the best deal possible. Hook them up big. And I will check back to make sure you did.
Empolyee says to Sarah and Dawson: Man you must be Tom's family...I will take care of you, don't worry!

I felt like I was in a Mafia movie. Its all about taking care of the "family"! Dont mess with the family. We are one! 

Nic & Cole

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awkward and Awesome- BFF


-being told you are too old to attend a college event.....oh man if I would have only taken longer on graduation for school! 
- being told you picked a town to move into that is...decreasing in economical worth with an abundance in housing.
- Thinking you see a celebrity walking in your local grocery store and straining to stare, in an  obviously awkward way!!!  
-Talking in your sleep, then waking up while in the middle of the conversation with the husband. 


-being 1 week till I move into my dream house!
- Having my Starbucks (the one by my house that I go to almost everyday) inform me they will miss seeing me everyday...I think that is when you know you have a problem -addiction! 
-Wearing a summer outfit and having it be warm outside. 
- riding in a convertible when its almost 70 outside (that's a record in the valley)
- Knowing that I have a 4 day vacation next week. 
- Waiting, finding and marrying the right person. Your best friend. And never losing that attitude.
-The first moment you see the love of your life on your wedding day! Its like fireworks, an describable feeling, once in a lifetime moment! 
-Pure love, that has lasted, been tested, shared endless moments, cried, loved, and continue to stand! 
- the pureness of a relationship, if done the right way. 
-The promise you have if you stay strong and continue to stand for your marriage. 

My Best Friend. I don't know where I would be with out him!

Noelle & Isaac. My baby sister marrying the man of her dreams.....amazingly priceless

The First moment! ! ! Noelle & Isaac

Tom's First look at me!

First Moment! June 12th 2010

The Pureness of Love! 
*My beautiful friend Kelly and her husband (also my friend) Dave 

 My in laws - Married and happily in love.They still know how to laugh and enjoy each other!

*I love being in love with my husband!

Nic & Cole

Monday, May 16, 2011

Case of the Mondays!

What do you wear when you sit all day and learn?? Something that wont make you itch, sweat, get to cold, get marks on your body from your cloths molding to you, something that you can handle falling asleep while sitting in chair..oh wait I didn't do that ;) but honestly it is seriously alarming how easy I can fall asleep in a public place. I can sleep ANYWHERE! That kinda scares me! 
We just finished up a 3 day ...yes I said 3 DAY Real Estate Conference. Where we literally sat from 8am to about 5pm (with a nice 45 min lunch in there some where) just getting pumped full of knowledge and numbers and scenario and ........ and let me tell you I had a brain overload! I still am recovering from it, its like a Monday hangover. But on the bright side these are my favorite shoes I own, and that says a lot since I have a deep love for my boots!! And my outfits passes the test! *Doesn't that carpet and wall paper just scream Hotel Lobby!?

*For those keeping up on the house count down (or if its just me) we are at 10 days!!!!!!! 10 days and we sign papers and are the proud parents of a beautiful, custom built home. Now I know it will require work and patience and money and TLC BUT I am ready for it. I am ready for this next step.
 And if you are wondering about the "creepers" in the corner those are my family members! Who will only live 2.34 Minutes from us (please keep in mind that is walking time) But seriously I am very excited!
 Ohhh my closet, I love you so... (please excuse the blurry picture...we have no lights in yet, and it was super dark in there! :)  )

Hello stairway...custom built and designed by husband and myself. Its pretty cool to see them in real life! 

My mom says : Nicole that under the stairs closet can be perfect for your sowing room....
Me: thanks mom, out of all the rooms in the house i get a closet with no windows under the stairs...
Mom: well I know that Tom needs the upstairs for his music and office for work...
Me: what am I chop liver?! 
Tom: Just laughing hysterically in the background!

But seriously its Monday AGAIN. I am so ready for it to be Friday! But then again I just want to move into my house so I am wishing my week away! 

Nic & Cole 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Awkward and awesome Thursday

Thursday is my new Awkward and Awesome day!! Todays title would have to be...boy or girl?

 - Going on a run and an older man giving you the look up and down while he is  in a tight white "Track suit".....
 - Wearing Jeans, Sweatshirt, Nike's for the first time in like 15 years and husband taking a picture, bam it goes to FaceBook and people asking "Who is that boy in front of your house?" .....UMM thats me!  this is why I do not wear those items!
 - when you realize you have been standing at one spot in the grocery store for over 20 min and have been spacing out.
- Staring at someone because you think you know them, and they continue to look at you.....THAT IS JUST DOUBLE AWKWARD

- Getting a Cranberry Orange Scone from starbucks!
- Having a great friend buy you a jacket you have had your eye on for MONTHS!
- watching them build your house one piece at a time.
- Hanging out with some of my best friends over the weekend and watching what they teach me come into play in my life.
- being able to crash all day and be feed and clothed and entertained at my friends house, and never feel like a burden.
- Having young people want to hang out with you, something about it makes you feel young. Love it!
Here are a few house pictures since we are only 14 days to include some! and YES THAT IS ME not a boy! I am sorry and will not wear it again.

Okay, Ya love the Flooring!!!

P.S I love they pavement!!! Husband is in awe of it...that's his baby on this entire house!

Nic & Cole

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A Sun a day keeps the cranky Cole away!

Our very own personal water fountain in front of our apartments.

I love spontaneous date days with the husband. it was such a nice day we couldn't pass up going on a walk. I am so grateful for his flexible job and how much he loves me and loves to spend time with me...I know, I know I am gushing but I JUST CANT HELP IT! (and frankly I don't want to help it) I love my husband!! :) 

15 days until move in! I think that it hit me yesterday,  I am going to have my very own house. My very own stuff. People are going to get to come to my house. (OUR, since the husband is going to live there as well)
I am learning this simple truth. Fear is a spirit. (here is my example)
If you were afraid of watermelons (and its watermelons because its an in-adamant object and most of our fears are just that..... it your simple "fear of eating one" turns into something bigger and grow into a bigger fear of .."maybe seeing one, or touching one. Then over time the more you say "I am afraid of watermelons the more it grows . It may end up that even driving by a watermelon field will turn into panic, anxiety. 
I know what your thinking... "who is afraid of watermelons?!" but its so true. Our little fear grows, and why?! because we let it!! we speak it out of our mouths. So now anytime I am faced with a fear I say "I am not afraid of watermelons...." And today IT WORKED!!! So be free!!!
*I am truly excited about tomorrows Blog.......
Nic & Cole

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A rainy weekend away!

What a great weekend with a bunch of GREAT friends! 

Fun: Rooming with my closest friends. Finding great prices on a pair of shoes I have been longing for. Frozen yogurt. Driving down to the beach with my friend. worshiping with 70 amazing woman. Having Maggie Long jump on me and let me straighten her hair!! Finding 2 old books (much love) Celebrating Mom's and all they do for EVERYONE. Getting to know other friends. Getting away!Coming home to the husband. I missed my best friend very much. we chatted for 4 hours and it reminded me how much I adore him. and that I love spending everyday with him. I love my husband being my bestest friend. He even held my hand and let me watch "House Hunters" 3 episodes in a row!

Not so fun: the rain...which insisted on coming ALL weekend. realizing I forgot socks. only bringing one tank tops (to wear under my shirts...I always do, its a weird habit of mine.) and it has to be a certain kind because I do not like anything else. My camera being "memory full" I have an issue of not deleting pictures after I download them. 

Maggie, Laurie, Sarah and Therese

My Adorable Vanessa!

My "New" old book. Emerson's Essay! I love, love LOVE the name Emerson~

When I got home!

OUTFIT Pics to come!!!

Nic & Cole


Friday, May 6, 2011

Fast and Furious Style

READY, SET, GO.......

A quick catch up a little glance at the last (almost) 2 weeks, MY BAD. And if you are wondering....I have failed and need to work on this: when given lemons everyday I will in fact eat the lemons instead of making them into lemonade. So its a bitter tasting week instead of a little sweet and sour!! But on to more positive and better weeks!!! 
 I HATE hanging up my cloths. I keep wearing them and then hanging them over the dresser...well that filled up so then it moved to a chair...then it moved to the the point of out of controlness (I know not a word, but hey this is my blog) so I watched Army Wife's on my IPAD and hung up my mess of cloths. I am counting down the days till I have my nice NEW and BIG closet. Speaking of that, I went and toured the house and the guys working asked me what I wanted in my I designed it! not going to brag but its going to be awesome.  I work at a school and its is a month and 5 days until we get out for summer (well the kids do) and it can not come a day sooner! We officially hit 70 degrees here in the Willamette Valley THAT IS BIG NEW. I love dressing up and going out with my husband, but the words I actually said on that day....'Babe I don't want to get all dressed up its so much work. I would rather put on my sweats and tank top and sit here with you!" oh man, I am turning into an old married woman. I fought the urge and got into a dress and did my make up! We move in 20 days!! Then the reality hits me that I need to pack ASAP. So my house at this moment and probably for the next 20 days will look like a tornado ripped through it. One day its 70 degrees and sunny and the next its raining! I just cant decide what I hate more...being teased with the sun or the rain.I took my friends adorable kids home last Sunday, I mean drove the SUV, feed them lunch, laid down the little one and played "sword fighting" on the WIii with the older one (who is only 3) and kicks my butt at it. AND loved every minute of it...what does that mean?! My art project is AMAZING...I feel completed! I love seeing friends (co workers ) after 10 years, and re connecting right away. We honored an amazing woman RUBY this weekend for her service at Figaro's pizza. Mine and almost everyone else First Job experience. She taught us how to work! And friends that last for a lifetime. Watching your little brother go to prom/formal....humbles you a little bit! My brother in law just finished up his 3rd year of college! FINALLY got my hair done, and it feels great. Even big dogs get scared and need to hide for protection . As we were using a power saw, Rosco a pure blood hound came and stood behind me and shook with fear, then layed his head on my shoulder and put his big paw in my hand....He stayed that way until the saw was turned off.

Oh Rosco!

This is all made out of wood from our house, stained, sanded and made into art! I LOVE IT!!!

The outside is not changing much any more!

Cabinets going in!!!! GOOD JOB GUYS!

on the left is the kitchen cabinets and on the right is our new floor (3rd new flooring)

Cleaning up our back yard!! Goodbye wild blackberry bushes!!!

seriously ?! where did you get the height from..I am super short and you are super tall!??!?!?

I love this man!

BEST FIGARO CREW!!! 2001-2008

My Not so little Brother anymore! At Junior / Senior Formal

Real men carry their wife's purses/bags! What great MEN.
The Boys of Summer...climbing on a dirt mound.!!!! We love the Hernandez's

I am headed to the beach with the Woman Of TCC. It is our getaway! Riding down with the lovely Sarie June in her beautiful BMW, where we will meet up with 68 other WILD WOMAN OF THE WORD for  a great weekend at Canyon Beach!

OH and did i mention I am wearing shoulder pads.....?!??? I may have just jumped back in the eighty's!