Friday, June 10, 2011

One Year~

Love Is

*Him letting me win every once in awhile in our games, and debates (even though he is usually right!)
*Letting me eat off his plate, when he askes me "do you want any food while I am up??" I kindly say no, then eat his as soon as he sits down.!
*Getting up when he just settles into the couch to bring me a blanket or my pillow. 
*Just smiling and saying I look good, when I come home with new and more cloths then I could possibly need.
*Holding my hand while I fall asleep, just becuase he knows I like it.
* playing with my hair while we are driving or in a movie.
*randomly texting me just to say "I love you"
*Reading my blog, then sharing with me a piece of what I wrote.
*when he makes the bed for me (if you knew my OCD this would make you understand why its LOVE for me)
*When he laugh's really hard while watching the office.
*How he is always taking care of me whenever and however.
*How hard he works and how he juggles all that he does and makes time for me to feel most important in his life.
*telling me, "I waited my entire life for you. And I am so glad I did" ....okay melt my heart.
*taking me to ice cream and fro-yo even though he is lactose in-tolerant. And watches me eat ice cream, because I love it!

Happy anniversary Baby. I am blessed beyond words to be the girl of your dreams. This has been the best and happiest year of my life. I love being able to live everyday with you and grow together in life and love. You are a Joy, a blessing, my best friend. I would not be who I am today with you !!
Here is to 1 Year and many many more!!!

~Your Nicole Renee
The Dress~

Love at First sight~

One of those never forget~

(I have no words for this....I am teary eye just looking at it)

Our cake!
*we ended up only getting to eat one bit of our cake at the wedding this one....Saddens me! It was the best cake in the world. And we decided to eat the Top of our cake when we got home from our honeymoon. Very wise decision since it was THE BEST ! But now I am a little sad we do not have one to eat on our 1 year anniversary!


  1. Good post honey. I love you - you're a fine woman and a fine wife and I'm glad you're mine. :)

  2. Awe... You guys are just the best! So happy for both of you. LOVE this post!

  3. Happy first anniversary guys! We think you're the perfect match! Loving getting to know you as a couple, and now as "country neighbors" too :)

  4. Erik makes the bed too! Happy Anniversary:) have a great time. Remember there's only one one!!