Wednesday, June 29, 2011

just keep waiting!

The game called Waiting ....

I am the worlds worst at waiting...just ask husband (or my parents) I have been this way since I was a kid. If I see something I like,  I don't do research, I don't wait and come back and get it ! No I am a buy kinda girl, compulsive (if you must use that word) shopper. I have had a few mishaps being like this...MY CAR. .. MY LAPTOP....A DOG, that poor little dog, little did it know after 12 hours it was not going to be mine any more.... The list still goes on, but for my sake of reminiscing on bad decisions I am going to stop. Husband on the other hand, is a ponderer...he See's something he likes, researches, waits, decides, does more research, talks about it then if all checks out he goes to get it....I see his pattern working a lot better for him then mine. however i did put my foot down when it came to buying a tree and this is where that got us!!
Please do not be deceived, he is actually very happy about this.
My Compulsive purchase that ended up in the backseat and my seat was all the way forward was a great purchase and looks amazing in our front yard. Sometimes it does pay off!!!

 I saw this rug Sunday Night on sale at World Market. . .  ....
 Showed it to husband and my Chic friend Sarah... thumbs I went out on Monday and got it. BAM just like that DONE.

Here it is in my house to make my living room way more complete and cozy feeling! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Good purchase.

However I ordered a couple things on Amazon and I almost ripped the packages out of the UPS man's hands when they arrived, signed so fast that it does not even look like my name. I got all giddy and excited....only to find out they were not for me! Sad I am still waiting. This is why I buy nothing on much waiting. 


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