Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 40 of Project 365

Hello my name is Nicole and I am addicted to mustard yellow and ironically enough mustard ! I have worn it in almost all my outfits and have been putting the sauce mustard on everything including but not limited to, veggies,cheese slices, pasta... I need to join a mustards anonymous my challenge on top of my other one (30 remix) is to not wear my yellow. It's my go to piece for sure!! Update on THE HOUSE....well they rejected our we are moving on and looking at 7 houses on Sunday.  


Day s of Project 365

Days 11-15
I have discovered "Picnik" Its awesome!!! 

Here is a glimpse at an entire weeks worth of outfits and a weeks worth of life has happened in between them!!:)

Our 1 year anniversary of engagement!!!

 At the rose gardens in Portland OR

Bible Study Day!

Nic & Cole

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 29 of Project 365

Day 8 ~

Monday oh how I missed you, well not really, I just love my weekend, that Monday comes back way to soon. We went and looked at 7 houses tonight, there were good houses and bad houses, smelly houses and small houses. . . We walked into this one and absolutely loved it, it felt like home. 

Notice the necklace, hopefully this time I will not hit myself in the nose! No fist pumping 
Our Car looks good in front of a house!!! 
My Favorite Part of this house! The NEW Kitchen

 Nic & Cole

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 28 of Project 365

Day 7 ~
Happy Super Bowl Day! Instead of watching the game...normally I would be all over that, I love sports, I was not interested in either team, so me my beautiful friend, Sarie June, and Laura Warrington and I hung out. Laura corrected school papers for her class, and I took the personality test, with the help of Sarah. And if you know me this wont be a big surprise, but I am a Melancholy, I tend to be a little dramatic, also a hypochondriac, *so working around children who get pink eye, ring worm, rashes, chicken pox, flu, colds....not a good thing, seeing as I go home with everything  they have weather it is true or not!!!I have it! Oh Good times

N for not this time, Its for our fabulous friends The NOFZIGERS!!

Nic & Cole

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 27 of Project 365

Day 4 -

Busy busy busy describes my days!! So Monday we had done our inspection on our first house only to have it fail miserably . So we withdrew our offer! Back to square one we go. And it was finally homecoming at the school and Tom and I went as the chaperons. and after a full days work, looking at hundreds of homes, 2 high school basketball games and 3 coffees later we headed off to bowl with 30 high schoolers. BUT we had a blast!!!!! Got home about 2am and boy am I getting old!! Here are a few pictures of our adventure... Ohh and I never got a full picture of my outfit! Apparently I was to busy bowling the BEST games of my life to take a picture, and I am happy to announce I beat my husband on all 3 games we played.

My Beautiful Courteney!

At one point *confession time-
I may have not only had 3 coffees but also a 7/11 large size of diet coke and then got so thirsty from my extreme bowling that I downed an Extra large mt. Dew right after! Now I hate mt. Dew normally, but you put me with a bunch of teenagers and I think I am that young too.... I forget I will be 26 in 2 short weeks, my body is different, my immune system is different, and my energy is different! but non the less I drank all of that in a short 3 hour period...from abut 9pm to midnight..
Anyways back to the story, so you get how hopped up I was and maybe a little too exited, well I bowled a strike and that happens about never.... I started jumping up and down and doing a little fist pumping action my very large and kinda heavy necklace heart flew up and hit the bridge of my nose! I am excited to report I got 2 little bruises , my battle wounds. 

Me and My LOVE
I may Look a little tired, at this point I have only had 2 coffees :)

White classic long sleeve tee, Yellow ruffle shirt from Target, dark wash skinny's, purple flats

 OHH the adventure I get to have on a daily basis!

Nic & Cole

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 26 of Project 365

Day 3~
It has been a challenge for my remix simply because It is Spirit Week at my job which happens to be at a School. And you may be asking "what is spirit week?" well its a fun little event we do at the start of a big and exciting week, this week was Homecoming!! So each day we dress up different , and it could be:  farmers (redneck), twins,school spirit day, western day, and the list goes on. .... so trying to dress up to suppor the school and still look professional and then on top of that do my remix only 30 pieces of clothing= a very stressful morning of getting ready for me, which results in me being late! And as a complete control freak , I view being late as in I should not even that does not help me when I don't want to go to school- aka work 

I am excited to announce that I will heading up our Student Council (Student Government) next school year! So the rest of this year I am learning and practicing, so on Thursday we set up for our homecoming presentation. Ohhh how it brings back my memories of high school.

Purple Day! 

My outfit is very matchy matchy!!! I am trying to be more free with my colors and combo's!


*Sneak Peak of our homecoming decorations .....
French Circus!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 25 Of Project 365

Day 3 Of 30 Remix ~

What a beautiful day we had here in Oregon and in February!! Shocking almost. While I took my photo shoot for the day (my very hight tech fancy photo shoot that consist of anyone willing to take a picture on my phone) I needed my sunglasses, I appologize for the sun in my face, but thats what you get. 
And might I add that its weird for me to take a picture everyday I actually very much hate it !  

Hello SUNSHINE! Ohhh how I have missed you these long 4 months.

 Not only wsa it beautiful out side I have the most amazing friend, she is truly beautiful inside and out and looked absolutely adorable and very stylish so she made the Remix :)
Sairiana's cute new boots that match her shirt !

 A little picture of the view by my house. And I got to spend an extra 2 hours in my car driving home yesterday because of an accident on the freeway! ohhh how I can not wait to live in a town I don't have to take a freeway to get to. 

Nic and Cole

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 24 of Project 365

Day 1- 

We had such an exciting day , not only was it day 1 of my remix....oh the limited choices I know have, but it was our House inspection!!!! YES one step closer to purchasing our first home. Only to find out that if you buy older homes, they require more work. YES even the ones that are completely redone and look newer (ohh how it fooled me), the foundation is still not new, nor is the sewer, or the attic, and you also run into the issue of "did they properly build the new stuff? Is it up to code and has it been inspected by the county?". (apparently my husband didn't forget those things but I did, so it was a big shock to hear how the inspection actually went)  So now its decision we buy and spend the next 10 years fixing it, and can we even fix it? or do we look for a new one?????.......Stay tuned in, the BIG ANSWER to come !!

Boot Cut Jeans, Steve Madden Boots, Black 3/4 Turtle Neck, Red knit sweater

Cooper modeling my Day 1 sweater!!!!
Nic & Cole

Day 23 of Project 365

30 For 30 REMIX~

Feb 1st came way to fast!!!  As I sadly removed all my pieces of clothing from my closet and left only the 30, I started to freak out a little bit but I took a few deep breaths and defocused. I am good now, but please do not quote me on that when I am on day 15 and freaking out yet again!! And on a side note, I am pretty sure I have too many cloths. YIKES I can not believe I just said that. :)

So here are the clothing for potential outfits! 
3 Pairs of Jeans- Dark Boot cut, Gray Skinny's, Dark Skinny's

4 Skirts

11 Shirts
I had to alter my remix a little, so instead of adding shoes in on the count. I added 3 pairs of work black pants to the list (not pictured because they are just boring black skinny's)

So the Fun Begins! Wish me luck 


Nic & Cole