Monday, June 6, 2011

A weekend adventure worth having....
It finally broke 80 degree's here in the Great North West. The only issue with this is it goes from 40 degree in the morning and then hitting 80 in the afternoon...that is a huge jump for us pasty white Pac NWesterns to handle. Needless to say I AM BURNT!!!! 
Here it goes~

Friday-  Had our Jr. High graduation. on our way home, Husband granted my request and stopped to take pictures in this amazing field...I have decided this is where I want all my pictures taken, and to take a nap in it one day! its gorgeous, almost like soemthing you would DREAM UP. BUT it is real. Friends came over to see our new place and showered us with gifts :)

My welcome mat!!!!

Skirt- Thrifted (crossroads) $7.99
Sweater- Thrifted DI  $4.99
Boat Shoes- Thrifted (goodwill) $4.99

MY 100% Thrifted OUTFIT!!! I love it.

Saturday - slept in....SO NICE! Then took a nice long walk and explored our new small city! Went garage sale-ling ....came back empty handed. Walked a different way to our wonderful frineds Dave and Kelly. Had so much delish food! Then hiked home...a whopping 10 min walk (pure awesomeness) and then had some friends over for game night....filled with popcorn, candy, and goldfish! 

Sunday AM About 3am I woke up not feeling good...3:30am Pepto came out of the cupboard ...4am began the start to what I am not sure is Food poisoning or the flu.....PURE sickness. I am still her Monday dealing with it! Gross.

Sunday -Then when the last thing that sounds good is food what happens, we hit 3 BBQ for our graduation seniors and they all have AMAZING food. . . ugg. Now I need a do-over (probably better if i didnt) Followed up by a HUGE Thunderstorm where Husband and I sat out on our front pourch in the dark adn watch the lighting light up the sky...priceless. Its one of those moments that dont happen very much and I take a mental snap shot! Man I love that man so much.

*showcasing his new glasses!!!

Nic & Cole ~


  1. Nice new specs, Dude! And,Cole I'm so sorry you didn't feel good:( That's no fun. Love ya though!xoxo

  2. I am a bit jealous that I cannot just walk to Kelly's, or Amy's, etc. sigh... all I got is a big plot of land and humongous dog. :(