Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Its Happened.

One of Those people.

I am not sure I know when it happened or where it was (actually I do). Growing up I never thought it would happen to me, my mom was and so was my sister but I held out, I dare to say stuck my nose up or wrinkled my nose in disgust.
But I became....
a dog person....I know its weird and it happened so fast and now I am the girl that goes into dog stores while on vacation and visits with other dog owners and asks questions and talks to their dogs, I look for cute stickers that say but i would not put on my car  "I love my hound". I talk to my dog and love her and cant imagine our little home with out our big hound in it.

Anyways I thought I would just share that today and let every one know that "that's me, Im the girl that is the crazy dog lover, who may be a little on the weird side because I talk to my Hound and cuddle with her, I know my friends think I have gone off the deep end, but that's okay because I think I am better off now because of it"

It doesn't make me look any less crazy or of a "dog person" , I know for us to invite a few of our close friends who have dogs over to play..yep i know you are smiling and shaking your head and thinking ohh boy!! its okay, I am too.

Well here's to you today: (i say this all the time and I imagine I have a glass of sparkling cider -my favorite.
and i am toasting to you guys like at a wedding, and now you are imagining it as well, your welcome)
may it be filled with love, happiness and lots of smiles

The Hound dog invite:
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Finding me.

Coming out of Retirement...

Its hard stuff not working, having free time all to myself, to do what I want and i have loved every second of it! I know its been a little over a month since I have been a blogger (I don't see myself as a blogger but more of a journalese of my day to day life) But I am back and back with a new found perspective on life!

These last 2 months have been an eye opener, soul searching, finding Nicole again, finding the passion and love for life. And I am happy to say that I am here and that i found it. And I know most people don't just get to stop working so I am so grateful for Husband who has been supportive and my biggest fan and has allowed me this time to figure things out, without him i am not sure where I would be.
Thank you for letting me not work and take these last 2 months to have fun you are truly amazing!!

Here is a glimpse into the last few months of what may seem like randomness but to me it was therapy, it was what I needed.

Welcome to the world sweet Addison. you will be forever loved by all your aunties!!

The 4 of us!! my best friends.

My brothers last high School baseball game!

Aunt Kali and Addison

My best little friend for the day!!

How could you not be happy around these smiles??!!

I have filled my days with friends, babies, kids,baseball, beach trips, girl time with my 3 best friends and fun. My beautiful and sweet friend Elaine has played a huge part in my life I am continually amazed that God knows who we need and when we need them (I shouldn't be surprised since He does this all the time and He is good like that)  I am officially back looking for a job and still working on photography. We are headed to the beach this next weekend with friends (the first time we will go on vacation with friends) my little brother is graduating along with our adopted son Dawson :) we have some good stuff coming up and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

Happy Monday!