Friday, June 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

 Downtown Edition~

 -People watching at the Portland Rose Festival. ( basically a glorified Carnival)
-Actually just being at the Rose Festival. 
-Wait paying to get into the Rose Festival just to people watch.
- Creepy man that followed us, who in fact wore a FAKE "Sheriff" uniform (not even a police uniform, not sure what division he was Sheriff of...but was just creepy....) then as we stopped to watch the parade I look up to the top of a parking garage next to me and there he is on top of it looking at us. Garnet there are a lot of people there and the actual likely hood of him watching US, is slim but my paranoia gets the best of me when I am surrounded by that much AWKWARD! Might be a little too much for me
- a strange man walking up to us and saying " I like your hat it looks really good on you!" Great thank you, now I attract the crazies...even though it did make me smile when he said that I was fashionable!! 
- calling someone the wrong name , even though you sound so confident saying it, and using the wrong name over and think I would learn.
- Being terrified to go on the Ferris Wheel. Yelling at Husband the entire time...."don't move, don't shake it, I need a seat belt, what are these people crazy not strapping me in!"
-Posting Awkward and awesome Thursday on FRIDAY!!!!!!! 

-Celebrating our one year anniversary. 
-Staying in the same hotel we did on our honeymoon.
-When someone calls me Mrs. Brittingham! I normally do not feel old enough to be a Mrs. but enjoy it when called by it.
- Getting feathers in my hair and loving them!!
- Getting a couples massage...oh man it was wonderful
-Watching your baby sister graduate from College! 
- Having the top of our Cake recreated so we can eat it on our one year anniversary!
- FINALLY GETTING BLINDS IN OUR HOUSE!!! can you say Privacy?! heck yes!
- Getting to hug my Nanna and spend the day with all my family and friends that I adore.
- realizing you are getting old and you can not ride the "young rides" anymore, so you reward yourself on that fact by splitting an elephant ear with Husband! and then a LARGE bag of Carmel corn to go! 
-Walking downtown with no cares in the world just holding his hand = perfect awesomeness! 
-Carnival Food- pretty much AWESOME at all times!

Nic & Cole

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