Our Meet Cute

I believe in destiny, in divine appointment and a romance and marriage that is orchestrated by God. Thomas and I meet in Winter of 2008 He was the new Manager at his company (freshly transferred from the big city to the middle of no where town) and not very happy about the move. I had just transferred as assistant manager to my bank in said "middle of no where town". We started our new jobs just weeks apart and in November he drove his shinny white Volvo, dressed in black dress pants and a white long sleeve shirt and walked into the Bank and my life. I remember seeing him for the first time and thinking "This Boy is Cute" Weeks went by, we started a friendship where he would drop off his deposit to the tellers and come sit at my desk for 5-10 min everyday, I knew he did something to my heart because it did something funny. Every time he sat down at my desk or let alone walk into the bank, my heart would race, my hands would get sweaty, I did a lot of smiling, and laughing ( I felt like a 15 year old school girl with a crush on a boy)
The day he got my phone number was the start to a beautiful friendship. I realized he was not like the other guys I had dated and had known, no he was special. Our first date took place in April , it was a very warm night for the time of year, flowers had started to bloom, the birds flew back (or maybe I was just falling in love and everything seemed better) but he took me to a restaurant where we ate outside, I hoped he did not see me spill my water 2 times or trip when we walked around town afterwards, or took offense to me leaning in and smelling him in mid conversation (I said he made my heart and head do funny things) Boy did he smell good, irresistible.That first night we talked for 4 hours after our date, just stood outside and talked like old/new friends, Luckily for this girl he found all those things enduring and sweet. We went on a few more date through out the summer, he took his sweet ole time in asking me out and used lines like " I don't want to rush this" "I want to make sure we do it right, its feels to real and special to mess this up" And funny thing was, he was not just feeding me lines to win me over. We both felt it, and knew this was it, even after only a few dates and knowing each other for 9 months , this was IT! So began our dating days, We danced in the horse barn together while he sang to me, we went to the zoo he took me to a wedding where I meet almost all his friends at once, I was the first girl he ever took home to meet the parents, moves, rodeo's, basketball games, dinners, long walks, long drives...the list goes on and on. It was on one of those said dates that I realized this is the boy I want to spend the rest of my life with, grow old with, have babies with, spend everyday in his arms. And In February 2010 he asked me to be his wife, I got a sparkly and truly amazing ring and of course I said yes. June 12 2010, I officially became Mrs. Nicole Renee Brittingham, we went to Cabo and spent 2 weeks in a castle (no joke) , bought a house in 2011, got a dog and here we are loving life, living everyday together 

And when I close my eyes I still remember and see that day, this ruggedly hansom boy walked into my life and changed if for the better. Made me forget all the past, the bad, the sad lonely days and only know how good loving someone can be. How good God is for bringing the right person at the right time! I truly love this boy and only grow more in love with him on a daily basis. 

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