Monday, October 31, 2011



My sweet amazing friend Sarah (Sarie June)  informed me I could take color out of my cloths and put color back in it! In fact an entirely different then it came as! So here is a little glimpse into my world....I jump in full force I have done 4 garments and am scouring my wardrobe for cloths I do not wear or that need updated....I am buying new colors of RIT Dye and looking on their website for more color combinations that I can make...I am out of control! . The ones I have done are :
Jeans that originally were Gray now a Wine/  Berry color. 
Sweater that was purchased at a garage sale for 1.00 that was light purple, now is a Jewell tone blue.
A pink "Loft" skirt that I ruined with blue ink (some how) now A rust color.
A blazer that was once cream sickle orange and white stripes now is blue!

Here is the entire outfit re-dyed and made NEW!   

 Sweater- Garage Sale 1.00
Belt (came with another dress) 
Skirt- Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted) re colored total cost 14.00
Brown tights- Target
Ridding Boots- Target 
Gold accessory - Macy's & Nordstroms 
Necklace- Forever 21 - 4.99

 I have been wanting a blue blazer, couldn't find one that i loved so I switched up this one:

My orange and white strip jacket.....

My new blue jacket. And my take on the "blue and pumpkin" outfit. And Sarah and I matched! 

So bright I cant see! :) I love beautiful fall weather

 Our big plans for today ....Finances / Budget (gross) my least favorite word in the entire world! And having my baby brother and his girl "Friend " come over for a movie and dinner. And hope if we in fact do the universal sign of we are not participating in Halloween and "Turn off the porch light" no one will come to our house for candy....because we have NONE.  Husband and I are addicted to candy so keeping it in our house is a rare thing!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


What I wore Wednesday - Week 3 

 Work day- And my dog!
I look like a vampire in this picture I apologize its early and bad lighting and bad camera! Okay I am done ranting...

 My sweet puppy is very needy in the morning. She does not like when I leave for work. So today she sat here and just watched the pictures happen (and blocked my shoes) 

 Gold Necklace- Nordstroms
Blue Button Down- H&M 
 Striped Sweater- Old Navy 
 Small Brown Belt - Urban Outfitters
 Green wide leg trousers - Thrifted (Gap) 
 Brown Wedge Shoes ( you cant see) - Target

Just a day at work!

Blue Pendant Necklace - Macy's
Gold Watch- Nordstroms 
 pumpkin Orange Shirt- Ambercrombi 
 Blue Sweater - Khols 
 Black Skinny - Wet Seal 
 Pointed Heels - Gifted From my beautiful friend Stacy!

I am loving the Blue and Pumpkin color together! I have my eye out for a Blue blazer and heels! like this outfit:

How much do you love it?! It very classy and fun to me!

Good news I FINALLY won my pair of Hunter Boots off Ebay! Soon to arrive...this is the hard part for me, the waiting game. I am not a big fan of shopping online or Ebay simply because I have to wait! Call me impatient if you want to, because I am BIG TIME! I track them everyday and make sure of what city they are in next , when the poor UPS man comes I almost tackle him to get to the boxes! I will try to show more restraint this time around, no promises are made though! 
But I seriously cant wait to wear them!

 Happy Mid of the Work Week and Happy Wednesday.

Nic & Cole 

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Friday, October 21, 2011


My new favorite. 

Necklace - Forever 21
 Jean Shirt - Target
 Sweater- Gap- Thrifted
 Belt- Gap
 Maxi Dress- Macy's - Thrifted 
 Gold Watch- Nordstroms 
 Brown wedges - Famous Footwear
First, Let me say I HATE when its dark outside and I am leaving for work. When my alarm goes off I still feel like it is night time because of how black it is outside. I would never and could never do a super early job like "be up before 6 am" type job! I might die....alright that was a little dramatic but I would hate it A LOT! 
 Second, I love this outfit. It was the most comfortable outfit I have worn and I felt very girly and pretty in it today! 
Third, I love Fridays, Its a half day of work for me and my nap day! I am going home to put my yoga pants on and curl up by the fire for a nice afternoon. Then My amazing husband comes home and we have all weekend just the 2 of us! MY FAVORITE :) 

Nic & Cole

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hello New Hair and red pants! 

   Mustard Yellow shirt- Target
 Stripe under shirt - Target
 Apple Red Pants - Forever 21
 Heels - Target 
Gold Watch - Nordstroms
Bracelet - Macy's
Necklace - Forever 21
My wonderful baby brother said to me..."If you put a hot dog bun on each side of you, you are ketchup and mustard!" What a wonderful description of my outfit!
I am loving my hair, I took in a picture of the beautiful Reese Witherspoon and walked out with her hair! Best cut and color I have ever had!

I stepped out on the wild side with these pants, and they are not disappointing, I really enjoy them!

Happy Thursday,

 Nic & cole

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday!

Week 2 of WIWW turned out pretty good! I got more outfits photographed and that's always a benefit! 

Thursday- Work And our new church group - The Well ! 

Feather necklace - Forever 21
Shirt - Fred Meyers
Skinnys - Thrifted 
Boots - Nordstroms
Gold Watch- Nordstroms
*Please excuse the picture of my bum, but I love love love the back of this shirt and wanted you guys to get a look at it!

Friday - Work and Pumpkin Patch with the Jr. High and High School kids at our school
Floral shirt- Old Navy 
 Yellow Sweater- Target
 Vest- American Eagle 
 Skinnys- American Eagle 
 Rubber boots- Borrowed from my Mamma!!
Orange Scarf - Sarie June -Etsy

How much do you love fall?!! I absolutely love everything thing about it. The colors, the smells the outfits I get to wear!! It is by far my favorite season.Just look at these pumpkins! 

Saturday- Running around town and staying home - (this is inspired by Cameron Diaz )
WE puppy sat for a friend. Her name is Ginger, and she is CUTE!

OUR super cute pumpkins and I love how big the handles are !!

Oversize shirt- Forever 21
 Layering Tank- American Eagle 
 Skinny Jeans- Forever 21
Boots- Nordstroms

 Monday- Work

 Strip sweater- Old Navy 
 Jean Button Down - H&M 
 Gray work pants- Fred Meyer 
 Short Black Boots - JC Pennys 
 Gold Watch - Nordstroms

Tuesday- Work. 
 -my fabulous friend Kelly showed me a youtube video of "25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 min" Tutorial. and this is how we wore our Scarfs!!
 Scarf- Thrifted
 Jean Shirt - Target
 Feather Gold Belt - Urban Outfitter 
 Black Dress Pants - Ann Taylor Loft 
 Gold Watch - Nordstroms
She is so CUTE!

Today is haircut and color day! YIPEE!! I am also stopping by to pick up a few items I have had my eye on!  Happy Wednesday~

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Days go by

 Old School

Some days I wake up to this almost new realization (may not be that new, I just choose to push through it and ignore it ) That I am growing up, that its been years since I was in high school and I can not stay up as late at night and BOUNCE back in the morning ( I seriously do not know how we did it, and then to look even better the next day....shocking) I can not eat what I once ate, how our minds make us still feel young and yet we are aging everyday.  In fact my baby brother is in full swing of his senior year. He just had his 19th Birthday, he is doing college visits, scholarship stuff, and loving life.
I had the fun privilege of helping him with his Senior Pictures this last Saturday! And when I say "FUN" I mean, Him yelling at me in his deep manly voice that he does not want to wear what I picked out and that I am making him into a "fake" because he does not wear these outfits normally....Me instructing him that he will in fact listen to me and obey me and wear what I have picked out. He walks over and looks down at me and smiles this little smirk...when did he get so tall?! I am the older sister! no worries all ended well! (he wore the outfits for the most part)

He is such a cutie... But I might be a little bias too! 

My amazing (Kinda) Sister in Law , who is booming into the business, did these pictures for us!

Thank you Shelsi Lindquist for your amazing talent and eye! *Go check out all her pictures on facebook!

Our Mamma and Jeff
 Oh how much I love my mamma. She is an amazing woman of God, Faith, Family and such a giving woman. I have never met anyone like her before, she is a gift to all of us. I am blessed to call her mom and friend.

His favorite thing to do! EVER

My baby brother is 8 years younger then me and growing up! When I took on this position at the school it was in hopes that I could get to know my brother again, I had moved out and went off to college and got married long before he was in high school, I wanted to watch him in High School Sports and be around for all the "little, Big" things that happen. And I am so glad I did, it has been so fun getting to know Jeff as a young adult and not a little brother who would beat me up around the house and tell mom on me (which I'm pretty sure he still does) but get to know the heart in him. I am so proud of him and who he is becoming. I am excited to watch him have the best senior year and graduate and head off to college! He makes me a proud big/ little sister! Love ya Talls!

 Nic & Cole

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


What I Wore Wednesday ( Partial Week)

 Wednesday- Sunny So. Cal Trip  with the Husband!! A trip to DASH (the Kardashian's clothing store)

Necklace - Forever 21
Dress- Target 
Brown Skinny Belt- Urban Outfitters 
Brown Wedges - Famous Footwear

Thursday- Hunnington Beach- Last day of our Vaca!

Fedora Hat- Urban Outfitters
Strip Cardigan - Thrifted (Goodwill) 
Blue button down- H&M
Brown Belt- Urban Outfitters
Leggings - H&M
 Brown Boots- Target 
 Gold Watch- Nordstroms

 Back at work after a week of vacation! 

Necklace - Forever 21
 Long sleeve button down- H&M
 3/4 Sweeter - Gap 
 Dress- Target 
 Boat Shoes - Gap 
 Belt- Urban Outfitters

I think I love my little brown Urban Outfitters belt  A LOT!!!!! Made an appearance multiple times in this post! 

Nic & Cole 

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