Friday, December 17, 2010

3 Things Friday - Grammy


    I am not sure if this is because its almost Christmas and I am extra sappy or what but this is my 3 things Friday.

1. I was adopted when I was 15 years old. I was born into this world as a Newton, and then turned into a Lehman and will finish up my life as a Brittingham! ! . But long before I was "officially" adopted, I was brought and accepted into this family. The Lehman's! They were a loud bunch, they always said what was on their mind and they yelled and talked over each other, but THEY LOVED EACH OTHER. I gained a new dad, 2 aunts an amazing uncle. And 2 LOVING grandparents. From the moment my parents got married I was treated as a biological granddaughter. And after a very long Christmas 13 years ago, where I spent 3 days leading up to Christmas in Redmond with my "Real Dad" My parents came to pick us up and drove us straight to Christmas Eve at the Lehman's. (it was on hold until the "whole" family could be here, we are not complete with out my girls- My Grammy said) And as we showed up late Christmas eve night we were greeted and we opened gifts and an extra gift was that my Gramp's and Grammy were going to pay for our adoption to make us official Lehman Girls! ! So 13 years ago I was given the best gift - the gift family.

My Daddy Giving me away June 12th 2010
2. Every Christmas I would learn a new treat to make from my Grammy, She would literally "Deck the Halls" she had this amazing way of decorating and making amazing things for people- she truly was the most giving person I have ever known. But YES every ounce of "desert / treats" comes from her. We would do peanut brittle, brownies,cheesecake, rice cakes, lemon bars, fudge, sugar cookies, Jam (in the summer time) ...and the list goes on. And each grand kid got to come over on their own day and make stuff for people in the church. And the older you got the hard the treat you got to make. My very last year we made peanut brittle and then sat and ate all of it and talked. And after all 7 of us would make a treat we would come over and wrap them up in a goodies sack and load in the car and take the treats to the people in the church and bless them.

Grammy Made all of our Stockings , and every year we got our Grandkids photo!
3. I was told a story by a woman who had known my Grammy for a long time. So I will tell you the story I heard;
" You know your Grammy was a very special lady in so many ways. She blessed my life beyond words. She prayed with me, encouraged me and helped in practical ways. Not only was she a blessing for me but for my daughter. Do you know, ever year she would ask me what I wanted for Christmas, and ever year I would say KITCHEN TOWELS. And every year she made me some, not only did she fill a need, she did it from her heart. And she would give my family a treat of some sort and on the tag it would say Love the Lehman Crew."
(I smiled knowing it was from me and my cousins- Hopping that they tasted good,and lord knowing there may be an egg shell or two in them) - (with tears rolling down her face) she said " I miss my kitchen towels I miss the treats, I miss your Grammy. BUT I started a tradition with my kids , and we make treats and hand them out because of you and your family."

This year I got a goodie bag from her, filled with yummy food...So even though the tradition does not live on in my family, someone else is doing it (and that makes my heart melt) 
*so what you should know about me to relate to this #3 is that I want and desire to be more like my Grammy. A caring and giving person that one day people will know me by my GOOD Actions. And to decorate my house and teach my children all the goodness of the Lord in this season and in life. To leave a legacy bigger then me, to touch generations for the Lord, and that one day my kids and grand kids will resemble my Grammy and still carry on her traditions. 
And this is who I get to start my Family with and our Traditions!

 Nic & Cole

Friday, December 10, 2010

3- Things Friday

IT FRIDAY, finally. With the Christmas Vacation approaching the teachers I mean kids are a little excited :) And who wouldn't be ?!!! So hear is the 3 things about me for this week.

Tom and I, in our seats at Reser Stadium.We love our Beavs
1. I am a HUGE, over the top, almost like a boy- Sports fan. I love watching and playing them, all sports Hockey Might just be my favorite! And I like to yell and scream and trash talk while at NBA games (mind you no one can hear me when I am up at the top of the Rose Garden my back against the wall!) but non the less I YELL. And even if I do not know what is going on I pretend to be super smart and know my teams and the calls they make, and then ask Tom later that night what happened. One goal Tom and I both have is to visit different playing arenas and fields all over the USA. 
Tom and I at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Cubs are my favorite Baseball team!

2. Zoos......I love them. I love going and seeing all the animals! Even if I don't have any kids with me I would go to the zoo all the time! And not only would I go with no kids I would spend hours there. There is something super exciting and cool there!

Christmas Eve 2009 - Lehman Family Christmas
3.  Fall is my favorite time of the year, I love the outfits I get to wear and the boots (ohhh the boots!!!!) scarves, hats, sweaters....I could go on!!! Christmas is my favorite Holiday, I love to put up the tree and turn all the lights off and look at the tree. I love to GIVE gifts, its a delight for me. I even love the smell of Christmas, the cinnamon, the trees, the smell of shopping! Love is in the air, people seem a little nicer. And this year is an extra special time, I get to wake up Christmas morning with  my husband and share Christmas with him. I have waited a long time for this day! ;)  FAVORITE TIME
I told Tom that this was going to be my Wedding Night P.J's :)

                                           NIC & COLE

Monday, December 6, 2010

Im an Auntie!

Babies, Babies and more Babies!!

This year has brought a lot of Change for me personally but also for the Brittingham Family. With a new marriage, and 3 out of the 4 "Britt Boys" got promotions and new jobs!! 2 of them have moved locations, but also the NEW JOY of not only 1 but 2 new Brittingham Boys, promising to make their appearance this winter!

Sheena was due November 13th and Jenn was due December 20th. 

Oliver James Brittingham was a stubborn little guy and wanted to wait an extra week, he was a little to comfortable inside. He was born on Nov 19th weighing 8lbs and 13 ounces and sooooo cute. He looks just like his mom, and has the Brittingham chin. It was fun to be part of his birth and get to hold him and love on him.
             Minutes after he was born..I love him just staring up at his daddy!

And 2 days later Jenn went into early labor they put her on bed rest in the hospital and after a week in there, they could not get her blood pressure down and baby was needing to come now. So they did emergency C Section. 
                          Cason Thomas Brittingham 

Weighing 5 pounds 1 ounce was born Nov. 26th named after his uncle Thomas! (which was a great surprise to us)There is a very sweet story behind the birth of Cason. His parents had decided to be done and 3 days before they got the issues solved, Jenn got pregnant. And their son Jaxon, had said "mom I had been praying that Jesus would give me a baby brother. And he answered my prayers." - Not only did Jaxon pray for another kid but a brother and that Jesus told him that his brothers name would start with a C!!! :) 

He is doing great, gaining weight by the day, he looks just like his older sisters and brother! 

                So that adds the Niece and Nephew count up to 8!!!!

I love being in a big family that will only continue to grow, It was something I had prayed about my entire life that I would have lots of sister and brother in laws and lots of babies!

Ollie James Brittingham  

Auntie Cole and Uncle Thomas with baby Oliver

And one day we will be holding our own, but for now this is GREAT! I love being an Auntie~

Nic and Cole