Friday, February 24, 2012

Birthday Weekend.

Fashion Friday. 

Shoes- Steve Madden / Pants- Ann Taylor Loft / Green Apple sweater- Gap / Jean Jacket-?? (have had so long I probably wore it back in 6th grade)

Open Toes shoes was a big risk for me today, however I did it and the weather was on my side for once, it was a cold but SUNNY day her in the Willamette Valley. And I realized that  this jacket is not my favorite, I am not sure why I hold onto pieces that I just simply do not like.

I had my first Photography class last night, I have not done something that I have truly loved or enjoyed that much in a long time, it came at a perfect time to, I am doing a pregnancy photo shoot tomorrow for a friend. I got some butterflies going on  I am a little bit of a perfectionist so I just want the pictures to turn out and look good for her! So I cant wait to post some of my first pictures..... I also am thinking if I continue to do the photo thing I am going to need a name....Have any Ideas for me?! I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend and happy birthday weekend to me, turning the big ole 27!!! Dare I say I am in my late 20's?? Husband says I have one more year in my mid twenties (he is so sweet).

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Dog.

 One Day.

I have been debating putting this on here, because well, no one wants to read a big long story, and its pretty sad, I also feel like a big ole sap, but its my life blog and this has been a big part of our life the last 2 days so my better judgment says "YES, do share" so here we go. There is your forewarning that it will be long and I promise to keep them shorter down the road.

 Hound dog at her best!

 Gotta Throw the outfit in !
Scarf- Urban Outfitters /  Sweater & Striped shirt-Forever 21 / Pants- Gap / Shoes- Spares

 Oh Husband and Hound Love

 Our little family.

 Us at our best.

First I am going to start by saying how much I love my little family. Husband is the greatest man in the entire world, the heart that he has...leaves me speechless. Hound Dog and her excitement for us makes me laugh and love. Sure we have our days that we are out of sink and its Panamanian and our back yard is a disasters and dishes not done and dog hair is all over and my OCD kicks in but how could i not love this?! 

On Tuesday  a stray dog showed up at the school (where I work) we have had it happen many times, but this time was different, it was an older, well trained, well groomed yellow Lab, it looks like the dog had been abandoned and wondering for some time. Dog shelters, pounds, vets had been called to inform that we had found one and ask if anyone called in for a missing older lab dog. At the end of  the day no one had called in to our school looking for her, or had called the pound for a missing dog.
 Non of the teachers could take her home so I called up Husband and asked if we took her to the vet to get checked out if she cleared we could keep her or until someone claimed her (I don't want to be known as a dog stealer) Husband said yes (this is how you know he loves me beyond words) So I loaded her up , and headed to the vet, no micro-chip was in bedded in her or collar to be found. On our way there and while at the vet, she won me over her sweet temperament and love of all the students and the other teachers was obvious. So well behaved and she had a calming presence about her. We pondered names all day long, as we went into the vet she obeyed my commands and did what we needed her to do. What the vet found was devastating, the dog, who turned out to be pretty old they think maybe 10 or older had several Cancerous tumors that had been spreading over time and was in a weakened state. There was nothing we could do at this point unless we were willing to put in a lot of money for biopsy's and lab work, surgery and ex rays, all not even with a guarantee that she would be okay after or if the cancer had gotten into her lungs and other organs.
 As i walked big dog back out to the car and she got in I cried, I broke down and bawled my eyes out, because 1) who just tosses or drops off their dog because they are sick 2) I would have kept that dog forever if she was not in pain and getting worse, she was so sweet and such a lovable dog 3)  I felt so sad for the dog, who has only ever loved her masters and been used as a breeder dog and then left abandoned. 

I took her home, gave her a bath and some food she didn't want, she laid on her bed in front of our fire place and slept all afternoon and evening. Hound Dog loved her, wanted to play chase and tug of war and wrestle all day long. I had to give Hound a time out so she would leave poor big dog alone for a bit. But all night this big dog was a joy to have. As husband came home she greeted him at the door and let him love on  her and pet her all night, we spent that our first and only night together as a big family. Husband and I laughed and talked and played and cried knowing what tomorrow would bring (at this moment I felt as though i was in a movie, it was one of those perfect weird moments in life). We could not find a name that fit her, so we started to call her big dog earlier that day and it stuck. The next day husband found a great little shelter about 40 min from our house that helps older sick dogs get treatment or just be comfortable until the end, and as we let her out in the morning and she greeted us like she had known us all her life and i petted her and said goodbye tears streamed down my face, husband is the brave one in our family, the strong one, he took her up there and gave her a good home where an 8month old puppy wouldn't paw at her face to play, where she can sleep and get medicine that we cant afford. Husband and i came home later that night and a piece of our family seemed missing. Its amazing how just one day could change our little family, change our routine, change our mindset. I have never loved it more then i do now, and there will always be  place in our family and our hearts for big dog and the love she brought to us and Hound Dog, So in someone else loss of giving up a dog that was sick it  was our gain, so thank you for our one day with her. 

We have decided that her name would have been Stella. 

 What Stella did, Hound dog did, for one night Hound dog obeyed and kept herself entertained with out Husband or I having to play with her.

Thank you for stopping by and I promise tomorrow will be a much funner happier post! Less dog pictures more actual people pictures.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Partial What I Wore.

I only happended to catch a few outfits this week on camera, and then the transition at work has started so I dont have all my pictures anymore add those all up together and you have a disaster of What I Wore Wednesday. 
However I grabed up these pants at Fred Meyers, I am really in to color pants these days and I am going to say it I LOVE this color and style and fit, I never knew I loved Fred Meyer pants this much, what the New Zealanders say "Good on ya, Freddys" 
And basically that is my lame exscuse for my lack of outfits this week. Do you buy it?! hope so.

Please do not mind the socks in the background and the half wall for the backdrop, or the lighting, the quality of the photo, or the sleepy face from me, it was super early this morning and we had our cell phone. 

Shoes- Famous Footwear / Pants- Vanilla Star (Fred Meyer) / Shirt- Old Navy / Sweater- Target.

On a side note we have been taking Hound Dog to obedience School every Wednesday, this will be our 5th week going, for the most part she does a great job, she is well behaved and is learning, then you have weeks like this last one where she flops her self on the ground legs in the air make me pull her around the circle kind of nights.She knew what she needed to do and looked at me with her saggy eyes that said
 "Mom I am not going to obey you, I would rather try to play with the 18 other dogs that all love me (remember EVERYONE loves Hound Dog, so she thinks) and run around the arena and when I am suppose to sit and not go get the toy that Teacher throws out I am going to go for it and cause a big scene. Have fun mom, cause I am going! "

 She is the most dramatic and loveable dog I have ever known. She makes me frustrated to the point of tears when she has off nights at class where I know everyone is watching and judging me with their eyes because I am the one that is taking a long time to do the drill with the out of control hound. I asked if anyone wanted to buy her after the class, everyone thinks she is cute until they witness the phenomenon called Elliott TRYING to obey. Wish me luck as I take the hound tonight for another fun filled class,  my prayer is that she remembers what I have taught her.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On the Run.

Could my life get any busier....then the answer comes and its YES. But its been a great fun packed weekend and weeks.
WE just finished up our big Vision Conference at our Church... SUCCESS. We also (we meaning my Student Council) handed out over 700 friendship Grams this last week....Balloons, cupcakes by the dozen and hand made cards, priceless memories.
Our Weekend in a small recap.

 How Cute is she?! Great outfit my friend Kelly.

 My Amazing Student Council Team....blowing up all the balloons.

The  lunch ladies bought me these as a going away gift! They are so thoughtful and sweet.
I only got one picture of my outfit this weekend, and luckily got a garbage can in the picture as well...oh boy! This is my friend Cassi, sporting her new outfit we bought together. FUN

Riding boots- Target / Jeans- American Eagle/ Shirt- Old Navy / Scarf- Urban Outfitters

Well I am under a week until my big life transition, its a weird feeling But plenty to fill my time for now!

Happy Tuesday already, if you were like me and had yesterday off for presidents probably feel like today is Monday, but in fact it is Tuesday.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Yellow Brick Road


Today is YELLOW day in our ABC of Style, Now I have this adorable skirt, however it does not meet dress code for my work attire, so I opted with this sweater. I really do own a lot of yellow in my closet so finding the perfect piece for today was a bit of a challenge, and when all fails (or I fail because I slept in a lot bit later today then I should have) I go with old faithful. I have been mixing patterned scarfs with strips or printed tops so that has been super fun.

Today's Inspiration:

Jeans- American Eagle / Belt-?? / Boots, Sweater & Shirt - Target / Scarf- Urban Outfitters

We are also celebrating our Schools Boys & Girls Basketball teams going to State so its School Color Day...Blue & Gold (yellow) TWO birds one stone, ya baby!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Double Take.

Today's outfit is just kinda bland for me, I got this new shirt, gifted from my beautiful friend CARA and LOVE it but wish i would have paired it with a few more exciting pieces so it would stand out. although i have to say that this sweater is the most comfortable thing I think i own. I fell asleep in it last night and when I woke up in the wee hours sweating to death I realized i shouldn't wear a sweater to bed. Oh boy!

Its funny how many picture husband and I take on our cell phones and then don't use, so here is a look into our little world and kind of a double take for me!
These are courtesy of Husband and his excellent picture taking skills!  

 The dog house we want to get the hound. It is pretty much like a castle for dogs!

 Our little friend Hayden. He loves popcorn like us!!!

 Hello 2 of many cute nephews I have!!!!

 My handsome buddy Malachi who just turned 2. And this dress is the same one that is in the new movie The Vow.

And a very giant we did not buy it, yes we did laugh out loud at the size of it!

Happy Thursday Dolls, thank you for stopping by today! Stay tuned for tomorrows fashion blog....Hint its a color that starts with the letter Y! ;)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Steve Madden Days.

What I Wore.

This week or shall I say last week flew by, its kind of a whirl wind life right now. I feel like all I do is close my eyes and we are 3 days ahead in time. I just got to keep in mind its a season, and will be over faster then I can even imagine. And in all my outfits (Minus the last day) i am wearing Steve Madden Shoes or boots....guess It was just a Madden Week.

Boots- Steve Madden / Jeans- Forever 21 / Belt- Thrifted / Shirt- H&M

 Shoes- Steven Madden / Jeans - Silvers (Nordstrom) / Shirt- Forever 21 / Jacket -Target / Glasses- Sun glass Hut / Belt- Urban Outfitters

 Dress- Lauren Conrad / Sweater- Romey / Boots- (gifted) Steven Madden / Scarf- Target

Skirt- Lauren Conrad (Khol's) / Shirt- Forever 21 / Shoes- ?? Vintage (and you cant even see them ;) )

One of my new favorite designers at a reasonable cost is Lauren Conrad. she has some pretty great stuff. I fell in love with this skirt and dress and ended up getting them for a steal, both cost me 14.50....that's right BRAND NEW BABY. I feel super blessed.

Husband and I went and watched the Vow last night, I actually really loved it, its a little sad and kinda real life but it made me think of how deep you can love your someone. And then I teared up thinking if that ever happened to my husband i would go to the ends of the earth to make him fall in love with me again. And how much I love him and our life together, and although I am feisty and stubborn and don't ever want to be wrong or to "give in"  I know that he loves me in all my "forms" And as the Vow said last night which has it stuck in my head:

"I promise to fiercely love you in all your forms now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love. I vow to love you ALWAYS"

I am so grateful for my once in a lifetime love, for my best friend, my soul mate who does love me fiercely everyday.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

L is for....

An Early Love Day.

What an amazing weekend we had. As Student Council advisor i feel like I have the best job in the world I get to go and hang out with awesome High Schoolers while doing fun things, that is a great combo. This time we had a Valentine Semi Formal, here are a few pics of the weekend.

Shoes- Thrifted / Skirt- 80% Lauren Conrad / Shirt- Forever 21 / Belt - Nordstrom Rack

We had a really fun Photo booth, and I was in heaven because I got to take the pictures then edited them to the best of my ability (PS I cant wait until my photo class)
Also Husband and I celebrated our "engagement day" anniversary. February 12th is our day, it feels like just yesterday he got down on one knee and asked to be my Husband forever and of course with big giant alligator tears i said YES. It was like my very own movie that day, all my dreams were coming true and he is mine forever and ever.
so it was a blast to get to take super fun pictures with him on Our Day.

And i am telling you, if you need a Pick me up, or to laugh...go spend the day with teenagers, watch them live life, love, laugh, joke, be friendly, be does a soul good. Because I guarantee you will laugh until you cry, maybe even snort juice out your nose, but its like sweet music to ears.

Happy almost Love day!