Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Running into someone you know and forgetting their name. and just saying "Hey You" 
- Waking your self up by hitting and trying to "kill" a bug that is on you...but you were in fact just bugs! 
- honestly forgetting your age, when someone in the store asks you...."no sir I am not making up my age to sound older i just honestly forgot." Yes I am 26 now. I had a birthday.
-belting out a country song while stopped at a red light and then looking over at the car next to me and seeing them making fun of me! Awkward for them...I do not care, i am busy practicing for my future career as a country singer..."don't they know who i am?"
- Screaming like a man (because I lack the ability to high pitch scream) when a baby frog was on my lounge chair.


- Wheat fields....have you ever walked through one? they are super awesome and amazing. 
-knowing while walking through that wheat field if there was a snake I had my boots on and could step on it...not that I honestly thought I would step on it but just in case I didn't take off running I could. 
-Brittingham family reunion this weekend. Hello family!!
- having out first house in laws (love) and my oldest brother and sister in law and their 3 adorable kids!!! 
- 4th of July is this weekend, which means BBQ's , Buckaroo, Carnival, Cowboy boots, Cowboy Hat, Country Music,  and best of all 80 degree weather! 
- Line dancing at our church  during the morning service. Hold onto your hats its going to be Epic! 
-purchasing an old trunk that I am turning into something super cool.....don't worry I will not keep you in suspense too long..Tomorrow you will see!


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  1. haha, i always forget how old i am now too. i think my brain got stuck at 17 or something. I'm so not 17 anymore. duh. ;)