Monday, January 28, 2013

Random Monday

30 Weeks and ......

At some point in the last few weeks I have entered into my 3rd trimester (thank goodness this is the last one) I have lost the ability to run and if you know me, you know this is the biggest bummer and pretty much flat out torture for me. My belly button is almost completely an outty, my feet have started to swell by the end of the night and putting my shoes on WOW its uncomfortable and hard. I always thought," you know I wont be that pregnant girl who cant put her shoes on" but it snuck up on me and happened. Darn pregnancy, didn't even give me a choice. My Braxton hicks are stronger then ever and coming more often, I have been ordered by the husband and friends to take it slow and say no to things, which, lets face it I am not good at. Again THANK YOU pregnancy for not asking me what I want! 

BUT along with the negatives, there are positives that out way them, like : She moves all the time now, my belly looks like an alien is living in there,she barrel rolls around and is kicking and hitting at the same time which can hurt but is truly remarkable. Her hick ups are more frequent now and that's a reminder to me that her little lungs are learning to work, and she is practicing her swallowing. when we talk to her she reacts and responds. She loves when her daddy does the Dorie voice off finding nemo when she is talking "Whale" he says "RAYYY RAYYYYYY" and she kicks him. she can always find him and lays directly under where his head or hand is on my belly, those are the moments that bring tears to my eyes that the love we are created with can flow through a womb and that we can love someone so much that we have never met or seen!
 We are entering into our appointments every 2 weeks now and getting asked questions I don't know the answers to, like birth stuff and sometimes i think "If i just don't think about it, labor wont come" ha ha right I know!

A few of my pregnant friends have started to have their babies and it reminds me of how close I truly am to being a mom and having my life forever changed.

                                                                           28 Weeks

                                                                         29 Weeks

                                                             R is for Reagan at starbucks

                                                                           28 weeks

                                           29 weeks= baby is the size of a Butternut Squash

                                                  The handsome husband and I at a wedding

                                                          My favorite picture so far!

Baby Reagan-
My sweet little girl, we only have about 10 weeks until we meet you. Its both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Your daddy and I cant wait to live life with you and love you, teach you, and watch you grow into a beautiful woman of God. Keep getting stronger in their and grow little Reagan (no middle name yet ) grow! Maybe one day we will tell you the story of how me and dad could not agree on a middle name for our sweet girl! Don't worry I think you will have a middle name by the time you are born
love forever and always,
your mamma.
Happy Monday everyone! Just think if you are tired of belly pictures you only have about 10 more weeks then you will get baby pictures on here ;) and hopefully better outfits too!

Friday, January 4, 2013

A little babymoon

Blogging from the beautiful snowy mountains today! With the husband having a break in between his old and new job and me being on Christmas break we got to book a little get away. It's been filled with: relaxing, cuddling, snowy walks, watching countless hours of Netflix, eating way too much snack food, and an amazing prenatal/ couples massage!
This week has brought on a few new pregnancy symptoms. One I have grown so much just in a week, to the point I walk by a mirror or window and don't recognize the person I'm staring at! And my Clothes all a little snugger then last week.
second the exhaustion is back I feel tired all the time! running scratch that walking is work!!!
third my heart burn is fierce these days! Tums by my bed, in my purse, in the car pretty much I can't leave home with out some at my disposal!
Forth she is moving like crazy and her space is getting smaller so those once little kicks are now big and you can now see my stomach move with her and its starting to hurt but still the most amazing feeling in the world. My 3rd trimester begins next week, just the craziest thing that I am only 13 weeks away from meeting her and kissing her little noes and cheeks!

Baby Reagan,
I can't wait to meet you, as much as I want to be done being pregnant and have you out, I need you to stay in for awhile longer! Your daddy and I can't wait to start new routines and traditions with you and show you your house and hound dog and can't wait to love you! You love when your dad talks to you, you move like crazy when the music is on and you love love love spicy food!! Thanks for being so fun already!
Love , your mommy!