Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Birthday Post. . . a few days late

28 and counting

Growing up is not an easy thing I feel like a real adult at times (other times still 16 and crazy, although i was never truly crazy, because i am a control freak) This year has brought so many changes and new adventures into my life that at times i feel overwhelmed and at other times so calm and ready for the next stage to happen. Its weird how that can happen.

Friday at my last doctor apt, the babe was measuring a wee small, only about 31.5 cm instead of 33.5cm so they scheduled me in for a growth ultrasound yesterday. So i had all weekend to stress and worry that something was wrong with my little girl, and my mind going all the way to "they will take her out way to early" But Monday was amazing, we went in a little nervous as to what we would see or find out, the future of our babe in the result of the ultrasound but ultimately in the hands of the Lord. As we got her little body on the screen, we saw feet, and legs and a little tummy and then we had to work to see her cute little face because like her father she is stubborn (he would argue that i am the stubborn one....but its my birthday week, so I win) but when her face came on the screen and I saw these big little cheeks and these lips and eyes and noes, my heart melted a little more then i thought possible. My love grew because i was seeing a glimpse into my future with a cute little girl with pig tails and big cheeks running around in the back yard with the hound dog, playing catch with her daddy, learning new things everyday and i knew that's what i have always wanted. Even on days when I am completely freaking out and overwhelmed I know that its right, its what I have dreamed about and wanted. Even when i am freaking out and doubting her name that we picked out and love, I am hopping that its just a pregnancy freak out moment like the other ones i have gotten.

we are just 19 days away from full term and only 39 days from the due date. Wow its so close but feels so far away at the same time. we completed our delivery class, we have our carseat, we are pretty close and ready.

 Here are some pictures from the amazing baby shower my sister, mom and one of my best friends threw for me this past weekend.

It was so awesome spending time with my family and opening wonderful gifts for the baby girl!

Here is a picture from 5  weeks pregnant

And here is 34 weeks
holy swollen body batman....
Here is to year 28 , where i become a mom, I get to watch my sweet husband become a father, i get to see my mom and dad become amazing grandparents and to all the memories I get to make with this little girl who has my heart and will be my greatest adventure. who will be the best addition to us. i am truly looking forward to this year!