Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prints and Stripes.....

We will be parents in T- 24 hours....We are as ready as we will ever be. A trip to Petco and a quick on line study of "How to successfully Crate Train your dog" lecture and BAM she is coming. Husband is going to be training and spending good quality time with her in the morning while he works from home. I have a feeling that he may start leaving earlier then he use to. :) I do not blame him! potty training a dog can be very irritating.  We went out to dinner with some great friends that are stationed over in Augusta, Georgia. We ended up going to this little restaurant called "The Farm" and it resemble a farm, its a huge hit, people flock to it. On our way home a car in front of us swerved off the road to see "GOATS" .......ordinary little goats in a field. .. I could not stop laughing and almost peed my pants, we have them in bulk in our town! I love that i can literally drive 40 min and be in a big city where farm animals are non-existence and that people name their fine restaurant "The Farm"Ohhh silly big town. 

Cant wait to show off my new shirts I just got....I am weeks behind in my posting pictures and in my running....oh boy I need to step it up.

Nic & Cole

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ahoy Mate!

Friday July 22 - Already?!

One of my new favorite outfits I have put together.
I am on a new found love for my skirts, Its a wonderful love, I truly love wearing them again , I can pair them with almost anything. This worked perfect for Church. However I must confess I do feel a little pirate in this shirt! its got a lot of ruffles and is SHEER....wasn't that in back in the 80's?! So I vetoed the eye patch and wore it anyways, turns out I loved it.

-White Ruffle Shirt- Thrifted - Anne Taylor Loft
- Gray Skirt- Thrifted - Gap
- Blue Belt- Thrifted 
- Knee Socks- Target 3.99
-Brown Boots- Macy's 49.00
-Flower Brooch-Sariejune 
-White watch - Nordstroms - 16.99

On Tuesday my wonderful friend kidnapped me after work and took me up to Crossroads....she had to sell some cloths...well I shopped and bought a great little skirt and 2 cute shirts (and I know that you know they would be cute or I wouldn't have purchased them but I still like to say it) So now I have the bug...I came home and went through my closet getting an entire bag full of cloths that I wanted to trade for new ones.
I took my sweet Courteney up there (her first time up in Hawthorne district and at Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange) I sold 9 Items to Crossroads for an exchange and purchased 4 shirts and some sandals. and only spent $1.50 over my sell price. Then I walked up the road to Buffalo and waited for 35 min in line to sell more. . They took more then crossroads did and I sold 11 items and pocketed the money....NOW I know it was smart to take the money but I actually lose money if I just take it instead of trading for new cloths...I have buyers remorse...or maybe it would be sellers remorse...Well whatever it is BAD DECISION, I should have went and shopped ! Husband on the other hand was proud of me for coming home with money, that is a BIG achievement for me.

My weekend plans: 

-Petsmart run
-mow the lawn & fill in bark dust (get the backyard ready for Elliott )
 -attend a wedding '
 - make coffee before church - church
 -take a nap some where in there
- enjoy our one day of summer on Sunday with temp reaching 87!!

Happy Friday- and happy outfit making opportunities!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Thoughts Today.

Awkward Is:

The random-ness of this post. Sorry about this! But sometimes this is how my life feels. Random and hectic and I go into the kitchen to do dishes next thing I know I have cleaned the floors and bathrooms and am now folding laundry and the dishes....still laying in the sink! Oh boy! 

Me and the Cute Husband. Hanging out on the 4th...nothing better then Rodeo food!!! MMMMM Good

AWESOME- Shooting a big gun and hitting a moving Target-Yes I did.

This fun, cute hair technics burnt through a piece of my hair back in March and now I have a short piece of hair up front! AWKWARD.

Look how young we both look....and this makes me miss my short hair! 

A tribute to our Chicago trip we took last August. - see RANDOM.

Glass looking box, hanging off the top of the sears tower...Tallest building in the US


Amazing Food at Hary Cary's

 I love Chicago Heat. However I do not enjoy the humility

 And for all you Transformers Lovers...We where on the set of Transformers 3 in down town Chicago. 

Playing around on the set!

I am scaling a "building"

Nic & Cole

Monday, July 18, 2011

Her name is Elliott....

I am in love ...

Our sweet friend Annie got one too, She named her's Dixie! So the little sisters will grow up together and have play dates. I am so excited.

Proud Daddy!

We fell in love with her Saturday July 16th At first sight. Well Husband did. I on the other hand had my eye on another little girl. But Husband kept coming back to her. picking her up, showing her to me, making me hold her. And now my heart is attached. He is one proud soon to be dad! We named her Elliott Mae Brittingham . She is a Labloodhound. Half bloodhound, half yellow lab. And she is the sweetest little thing, her temporary owners called her "cuddles" because she loves to be cuddled and held. We get to bring her home in 2 weeks, we have a ton to do before that happens....crate, lesh, collar, fill in barkdust along fence line, food, water dish...ok not really a lot. that all can be done with one trip to Pets Mart or Wilco. So I am not worried just super excited. But this is a big step for us, we knew it would come but we now are a dog owner, we will have a DOG!!! A life to take care of, to watch out for, to feed and love..... I am so excited I am doing a happy dance.
Thank you my wonderful, sweet, loving husband for letting us get one. Its going to be epic! you are truly amazing. Thank you for my sweet little family. 

Fridays outfit! 

We had a great weekend of laying around and picking out our puppy, went to a marriage seminar on Saturday. Watch our friends 3 kids, took them to FroYo, watched a movie, and got up early and made pancakes. Sunday after church we took a long wonderful nap (much needed- due to the excitement of getting a dog I was wore out ) Cleaned my house floor to ceiling due to my new addiction "Hoarders- Buried Alive" TV show. My OCD comes out so I wont be like them causing me to clean even the baseboards on a regular basis.

Happy Monday 


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let me think about that one........


Someone asked me yesterday who my style Icon was. This is how the conversation went...
Nicole: Hmmmm ..."Who is my style Icon.........I am not sure"
 (this is me thinking.....and thinking)
And this is me still thinking ....so I will think out loud which is the best way to do it.

I want and hope that it looks something like this:

I adore Sydney and her style!!

Classy, and fun, Like I am not trying to hard to make something work. 

Look how amazing Princess Diana looks and how classy she was at all times! LOVE IT

 Kendi is my all time favorite. Love everyone of her outfits! 

I want to dress and look my best where ever I go, and have fun doing it! These lady's are known for their style their unique look and I too want .

What I know I love:
White shirts, button downs, denim shirts, Jeans, black crisp leggings, boots, big bags, SUNGLASSES, pencil skirts, high waisted pants and skirts, wedge gladiators, vintage classy, scarfs,  strips....(the list goes on and on....)

Thursday Outfit:

 Denim Shirt- Target 21.99
Striped Shirt- Ann Taylor - 21.00
dark denim Skinny's - J Crew 29.99
boots- Macy's 39.99
White Watch - Nordstroms 16.99
Necklace - Forever 21 9.99

I am trying to branch out and be more free with my clothing style. My goal is to try something new everyday. Remix people, its all about mixing and matching...and not matching (a things called....prints and strips to amazing together!) They work, gold is back in, over do accessories, over-sized shirts and skinny's, an outfit made up of 5 different colors tying your shirt, wearing multiple layers.....You know the old saying "opposites attract!" here it is played out everyday. So let the fun begin!

So I pose this question......Who is your style Icon????....What is your style?

Be confident in your style. Wear it proud! AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO WEAR SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT! who know you may be the next style Icon. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I apologize for how boring I am today!

 I am confused is it April or July???!!

Gosh I feel so boring I have absolutely nothing to share....and yet here I am still posting. But I do have 2 cute outfits I wanted to get on my blog. so here is my attempt at blogging today! I apologize in advance. *Feel free to skip the talking and just look at the pictures- no hard feelings!
Today Husband asked me in his sweetest kids voice. "Sugar (his nickname for me) Why does it look and feel like winter outside?" Its July and its raining and cloudy and windy.....My response..."I am not sure.!" UGG

This was at wedding on Saturday. My 3 friends I have had since practically birth.  
Floral Dress- Consignment store- 19.99
Belt- Thrifted - 1.99
Heart Necklace - Forever 21 5.99
Shoes- Macy's 18.99

 Top- Consignment Store - 4.99
Silk Skirt- Garage Sale - 1.00
Large Belt- Target- 5.99 (on Sale)
Wedge Heels- Famous Foot Wear - 29.99
Necklace -Walmart   3.99

 We had amazing weather over the holiday and the week following. Saturday and Sunday were beautiful then rolls in Monday and Tuesday......Rain! Thunderstorms ! 

This summer my goal is to have my hair grow inches...and stay healthy. I will not be straightening my hair so its go big or go home these days. And boy is it big!  

Happy Tuesday! 

Nic & Cole

Monday, July 11, 2011

A "How To"....Tutorial

Tutorial by Nicole And Becky:

Steps (not necessarily in order but close)

1. Decided you want to make craft tables, ask Husband to borrow "BEAST" aka our older suburban AKA his baby, that we can not trade in or sale. Head to home depot after a morning work out and no coffee...
2. Pick up mom and insist on stopping for coffee and then slightly being a drama queen and saying "I WILL DIE " if we don't get any. She agrees....pulling up to the drive through on the little coffee place in the BEAST....interesting!
3. Forgetting paperwork at home with wood measurements on it...GOING HOME AGAIN.. NOW on the road to The Home Depot!
4. Asking a man for help who was more of a hindrance then a help and him insisting that we can not build this it was to hard. Excuse me.........I am not sure you know who my mother is?!

5. Him talking us into not getting any more boards because "We don't need them"  ohh buddy....not a good idea. Hind sight is always 20/20

This is mom rolling her eyes at our "helper" 
 6. Getting home only 2 hours after we left and starting. . . 
 7. Realizing my mom is a stud with power tools and measurements....man I was amazed. 

8. Half way through the door, and  realizing that we needed more boards....and mumbling irritations at the home depot man. 

9. Laughing until I almost peed my pants on multiple occasions, mom laughing so hard she was crying.

10. Getting a little frustrated at the project.... A wardrobe change always helps change my attitude. And it worked. I came out with a new outfit and worked until I couldnt pick up the screw driver any longer.
11. Working in our Garage for 10 hours and feeling pretty completed, savey, sawdust every where and loving the feeling.
12. THEN 
Mom - "the completer" as I like to call her. "Never leave a project unfinished" went up to home depot to get more wood while I ran at 7:30 am on Saturday. Meet up at 8:30 at my house to complete the building of it. 

These are mom's side pieces she just needs to put the top on and paint it. Mine however is not complete. I was still waiting for another board.

It was an awesome experience, Mom and I work really well together and she has taught me so much and I will be asking for a table saw for Christmas! 

I would also like to brag...no harm was done to our house, our car or ourselves....my only injury was me hitting my ankle on the "Beast" door while jumping  up into it. I have all fingers and toes.  Bonus points....NICE!  And thank you Mamma for such a great couple of days I loved it and would do it again any time. :)