Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WIWW- 24 weeks

Wednesday's What I Wore.

another week flew by, now that I live my life by weeks I feel like they go so fast I mean it was just yesterday we got to do the big "we are prego" announcement - and by that i mean, my sweet husband let me share the info with everyone (we were together when we did it) but I suddenly turned into this  16 year old girl all shy and embarrassed to say "I am pregnant" I pretty much just blurted it out to my parents and hid my face. Of course they cried and it was a great moment but it never got easier for me to tell people, I am not sure why that is.  I am crazy.

But the weeks have been good to me, a little less acne, a little more bloating and puffy faced Nicole walking around but all in all we are doing good. my goal of trying to stay relaxed and not so busy hasn't really played out, but i am blaming that on the holiday season and someone needs to get things done. ;)  Although , Husband and i are headed out Jan 2nd for a babymoon!!! YIPPEE. we rented a cute little one bedroom, with fireplace and kitchen cabin up by Mt. Bachelor in Bend OR and we will get to spend 3 glorious days just the two of us, doing NOTHING. I have been needing one of these for months and with him starting his new job Jan 7th we have a full week off TOGETHER...this has not happened since last year! No job stress, no worries, just US.

As we bring clothes home for Baby Reagan, hound dog has been fascinated with smelling them and then licks them with her approval (then they get washed) its a good little cycle we are doing these days, as a family .

Sweater- White House Black Market, Shirt- Target, Belt- ?? ,
Pants- Old Navy Maternity, Shoes- Macys

 Hat- Urban Outfitters, Sweater- Target,
Basic Tee & Leggings- Nordstrom Rack, Boots- Kathy Jean

 Cardigan- F21, Shirt- JC Penney's, Belt- Urban Outfitters,
 Leggings- Nordstrom Rack, Boots- Kathy Jean

 Sweater- H&M, Leggings- Nordstrom Rack, Boots- Kathy Jean

 Happy 6 Months Baby in there! Who has beginning to love my ribs and weighs enough to smash my bladder at all times, who loves to bury herself in my back and pinch my sciatic nerve. But feeling those little feet, and the little jabs and her hiccups I wouldn't trade for anything.
our Creator is truly amazing that He puts all this together!

Sweater & Pants- Old Navy, Shoes- Target
I ordered 3 pairs of pants from Old Navy (huge online sale with free shipping = awesome) and I was super nervous , I like to try on my clothes before I purchase and since this entire new concept for me of elastic around the waist and its your size but a little bigger thing is happening in my jeans now.... and I HATE WAITING for them to come in the mail, I chanced it for a good deal!!!
  I am super happy with them, they all fit great and I can breath in them !!! I would however pay a little extra money and get the faster shipping, you know me and waiting it doesn't go very well :)
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


My Head Returned, at least for now.

I feel much better then my absentee mind last week...I didn't forget a single thing this week! :) (pat on the back for me) although, I did have to make an unplanned trip into the doctor on Monday night....This weekend was a busy one, I helped my mom at a bazaar all day Saturday and this funny thing happened I had a braxton hick contraction , in fact I had 4 that day. I knew what they were and I wasn't worried, I felt funny but kept my head on. And if you know me, I am a control freak, I like to know whats going on at all times and for this to happen at only 22 1/2 weeks is a little abnormal, I should have been panicking, but I wasn't!!!
Then on Monday the in laws were staying with us and we did a spontaneous trip to the Clackamas Mall to Christmas shop and spend some gift cards they had brought us for Baby Reagan. *love free things!!!! Jim & Kathy are just the best ever. We ended up spending 4 hours shopping on top of me already having worked in our church' coffee shop that am and substitute taught for Kindergarten! So at this point my body was not happy with me, I had 6 contractions in a matter of an hour so I called up the doctor they had me come here we are sitting in the exam room I am trying to remain calm but I am a little freaked out, husband was such a rock (I don't expect anything less from him, he is so strong ALL THE TIME) he laid his hand on my belly and prayed and i could see  him processing this new event and as I looked at him I knew no matter what, that we would be okay, she would be okay.  The love I see come from him for his daughter is breath taking.
So turns out WE ARE GREAT. Baby R is growing like a champ in fact she has helped me gain a whopping 7 pounds this last month (on top of the other pounds I gained the first 4 1/2 months) !!! Nice right?! They just told me to take it easy and drink more water then I already am and just keep my eyes on things. And that I probably will have them the rest of my pregnancy. Awesome!!!
 What made me laugh the most was my that my new doc ( who does not know me and does not  know I am a freak and can handle self control) was a little worried that I was 3 pounds over my scheduled weight gain....and said "you know a lot of first time moms eat what ever they want to during pregnancy" I smiled and said "Ya that's not me! I have discipline"
** for example on Sunday when a maple bar was screaming my name at church I informed my sweet friend Holli to sell all of them so I can not have one!" and she did! High Five the  Joint effort in this keeping Nicole eating correct.
Long story I do apologize for that, but this is my life now, one long story after another.

Week 23 today, we are the size of a Grapefruit (I feel like she should be bigger cause I feel huge but that is coming or so I am told) She now can hear sounds and will begin to recognize voices and noises! how cool!!!

                                        Holy Stripes Batman....I saw this picture and was like
                                      umm maybe we are done wearing stripes for awhile!
                                                              Scarf- Made by my mom
                                                              Sweater- Old Navy
                                                              Shirt- H&M


                                        Shoes: Macy , Jeans: Silvers, Sweater: Love Culture

                                          Shoes: Nordstrom Rack, Jeans: Silvers, Shirt: American Eagle
                                                         Belt: Urban Outfitters Necklace: Gifted

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


REDO, Please?!!

Have you ever had one of those weeks, where life is only on a certain day but you are truly living a day ahead....whelp that is me this week. All week in fact i have been a step ahead but a dollar short, for example,(because who doesn't want to hear the rants of a crazy prego woman and her weird moments ??! Right!) As I started todays blog out I started it as "Awesome and Awkward THURSDAY" !! anyone see a problem here?! I completely typed out a blog about all the awkward things that now make up my life and was smiling and laughing and really thinking i had a great blog today, THEN I remembered in fact it is not Thursday and instead of saving the blog entry for tomorrow, I deleted the entire thing!!! So we start fresh.
 Here is another one, Monday I completely forgot a meeting and a prayer does one do that you ask?! Good question.
Tuesday rolls around I am getting ready for work and got a sweet text message from my Friend asking if I forgot about our coffee date 45 min ago.....not only did i forget meeting with her,  I only shaved one leg in the shower that morning! It happened again....two birds one stone?!
See I am a normally put together, I pride myself in being on top of my appointments and not forgetting, I use my phone as a planner and am good at it. Well I think I need a redo week,  a start over, because I have failed a few too many times already and its only WEDNESDAY....
I truly never understood Pregnancy brain, but I am going to 100% blame that because this is not cool!

So after that long rant of a GREAT start to my week here is what I wore Wednesday at 21- 22 weeks prego....(don't hold your breath I am at the point of no return in my clothing.....nothing fits and I have thrown a tantrum and threw all my clothes out of my closet and insisted husband lets me buy some pants that don't make me look like I am squeezing the baby' brain out or that makes me look like I am wearing a diaper, fingers crossed my pants in the mail will fit for at least a month, because the way this belly is growing I don't think my pants stand a chance!)

                                                            The hound dog on a walk with us

                                                                      Date Night

                                                     Happy Birthday Husband Date Night

                                                 Brittingham Family Christmas Card 2012

                                               Watching our College Football Civil War Game
                           -when all else fails, yoga pants, and a too small shirt will do the trick

                                                      Saturday Signing Christmas Tree - week 21

Have a great Wednesday and if you are living a day ahead Thursday!

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