Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I Wore.

This last week has flown by....well at least for me. Here is a glimpse into my life the last week.

 Shoes- Old Navy / Jeans- Silvers / Shirt- H&M


 Shoes- Target / Pants-?? / Sheer Blouse- Gifted / Sweater- Target

 Fedora Hat- Urban Outfitters / Dress- Nordstroms


 Shoes- Nordstroms/ Jeans-Big Star (Buckle) Sweater & Tank- Target / Scarf- Gap


Shoes- Nordstroms / Jeans - American Eagle / Belt- Thrifted / Tank & Sweater- Old Navy

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Have a wonderful Night!!!


Monday, March 26, 2012

A warning....its deep for Monday

Case of the Mondays.

Boots- Steve Madden / Jeans- Silvers / Belt- Thrifted/ Sweater- Nordstroms / Blouse-Forever 21

Well Actually this may be the first time this is just not true, the sun is shinning like it should outside, me and the husband for the first time in months feel good, hooray I think we almost maybe have kicked the stupid cold bug. I dragged myself out of bed early to work out and get ready and it was a great move on my part.
Our weekend was the BEST ever, we went on date night to the movies and dinner where we sat and talked and laughed it was perfect. I also got to go out with some of my very best Friends to "The Hunger Games" premier on Friday night, however our plans got changed when there was no more seats available except in the very front row and that was just not happening so we left went to dinner. But instead of eating in the restaurant we got it to go and brought it back to the movie theater where we sat front in the line eating Thai food out of to go boxes. We took up way more space then was needed we talked and laughed louder then everyone else and had the BEST time, when the 4 of us are together we bring the best of each other. Then on Sunday we had those same previously mentioned friends over for lunch after church and hung out most of the day. Its days like that, that remind me how blessed I am to have the friends I do and that we have all been friends since Middle School says something. yes we have gone through our stupid girl fights and been mad at each other over things we cant even truly remember now but we have made it!! We have conquered the time, the distances, the new paths of life and I love these 3 girls more now then ever, I appreciate them more now then ever, and know that as we all start to raise families we will raise them together and it will be exactly how it was suppose to be. And i am thankful for a God that demonstrates Forgiveness and Love everyday so we know what it looks like and we can do the same.
*Okay didn't mean to go that sappy and deep today, I apologize  :)

I am so beyond pumped to get to do my 4th photo Shoot this week (well actually today) Ya for me! :) And I get to pick my mamma up from the airport this evening ya for her coming home!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Purple Boots

Snow day...again.

If you are not sure what the date it is...well its March 22nd. We live a place where we may not see snow on the ground for may snow one day and that beautiful white peaceful snow turns into dirty slush and then flooding. We get rain almost everyday during spring, its pretty dreadful, I guess the benefit of rain all the time is a lot of GREEN. But this is the third week in a row we have either woken up to snow ON THE GROUND, or went to lock up for bed and saw a snow storm taking place. Please mark it on the record that our little town woke up to 3 or 4 inches of snow today!! So as much as I am ready for Sunshine and warm weather I have LOVED the snow, I guess its the little girl in me that never grew up with snow and now am living out the childhood.

Hound Dog thinks its pretty great, she loves to eat it and put her big nose down in it and try to track something. Here is our wonderful "snow day" adventure.

Hello my wonderful, beautiful rain/snow boots...I am so glad I have you!
 She can almost fly with those ears.

she couldn't pick up a track with all this snow.

We are loving our winter I mean Spring wonderland and freak winter storm. My only request is that maybe the snow come at or around Christmas time next year?!

But its been a "great no rain day but stay inside its to cold and I shouldn't be allowed to drive in the snow, i am a horrible driver day" for us, which has included Tea, movies, cleaning, editing photo's I may have just gotten caught up!

Have a great Thursday. Tomorrow is Fashion Friday....lets hope I can get up and put on an actual outfit and not just my yoga outfit that I don't take off all day after I did yoga...But I do have reasons to get dressed....HUNGER GAMES movie date with a bunch of amazing ladies tomorrow night!!!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


What I Wore Wednesday.
my  eclectic all over the map wardrobe

Sweater, Shoes- Target / Jeans- Silvers / Shirt- Old Navy


Jeans- Vigoss Studio / Striped Shirt and Blazer- H&M / Vest- Urban Outfitters / Scarf-  Thrifted / Broach- Made by my mom :)

If you ever wanted to see the Oregon Coast, here it is!!! Very windy, very rainy, very cold. WE only live 2 hours from the coast so it is nice to just drive over for the day!


Boots- Steve Madden / Jeans- American Eagle / Belt-Thrifted / Shirt- Fred Meyers


Shoes- Thrifted / Tights- Target / Skirt - Forever 21 / Shirt- H&M

Its been raining and snowing here....all day all week with no sun....I am ready for summer but its still months away for us here.  But to get into the summer mode I have RIT Dyed my white pants to lemon dye job yet and I CAN NOT WAIT TO WEAR THEM, (pictures to come tomorrow) I might just break them out even though the sun is not out. maybe the bright will scare away the clouds full of rain. ...a girl can hope.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday, I am took my friends to the airport at 3:30AM today (by the time you read this I will have been up for 4 hours and been to the airport and back did my yoga watched a movie. Man you can get so much done if you get up at that ungodly hour. Let me tell you i was not made to get up this early...I already love naps but today it may just be necessary .


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ready for our big night.

Doggy School.

Hound dog and I have been in Doggy school for 9 weeks now, and we have learned a Ton and have grown a ton, but all was put to the test as we embarked on graduation night. Where all lessons learned are called back to remembrance and expected to be completed. Now Hound Dog was on a week to week basis for obeying and doing a "satisfactory job" in class. I was super nervous to have her fly solo tonight for all to see her skills or disobedience run and play game she loves to do. Husband came along with a friend and their daughter and of course Auntie Sarah and Max Doodle and Doug (who have taken the class with us) As we warmed up I could feel Hound Dog and her "puppyness" rearing up, for exsample (but not limited to) Trying to bit through my sweater to get her treats on the inside, trying to wrestle the other dogs and play, jumping up to get the treat out of my hand, whinning uncontroable becuase I wont let her go sniff and lick all the on lookers.
 One by one the dogs performed multiple tasks at the command of Teacher Jennifer, Soon it was Hound Dogs turn.

 Shoes, Target / Jeans- Big Star / Sweater- was my sisters! Ambercrombi / Tank- Aeropostal
 Hound Dog refusing to obey and SIT she posed backwards.....oh boy what a night we were about to have.

Auntie Sarah and Max Doodle

As Hound Dog and I began our turn around the floor doing various commands slowly the butterflies got stronger in me, because next she had to Heel and obey off lead , (where she does the commands with no leash and is expected to stay by me and obey) Easier said then done when you have a HOUND dog and that of almost 90 pounds, and as stubborn as her Dad. .
But to husband and my suprise, She did it!!! She had a few mess ups and slow sits but all in all she did great, I was so proud of her. We graduated class with a 89% and MOST IMPROVED doggy!!!! Max Doodle got second in our class with a big 97 1/2 % and he is number 1 in our book!!! What a fun 9 weeks we had together the dogs and us, I will almost, I said ALMOST miss it!

And because of the amazing technology world we live in you can click on this link and watch it almost Live!!!

Elliott's Graduation

Have a great Tuesday, I actually have outfits to blog this week which is a plus, so I will be seeing you soon!!


p.s for all my followers out there I have 2 more photo shoots on the books and still no name...i am open for ideas and suggestions. Who knows what this will lead or turn into but for now I am loving it!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Casual Day

Hound Dog.

Elliott is almost 9 months old (next week to be exact, husband had to just tell me that) she weighs in at a little over 80 pounds. She has been doing Dog obedience school for almost 8 weeks now, and next week is graduation week where I will be one proud little mamma as my Hound Dog will pass this course and be ready for life....wait no, that's real life graduation, my hound dog will be ready to learn more. she is in a perpetual state of learning now until (who knows when) but I sure hope its soon. She is one strong willed animal that takes all my strength to control her when she gets excited. but then there are days like today that she follows me around, we go on a walk, she protects our house and me if she hears anything, that just makes my little heart happy. She is the best dog, Husband picked out a movie for us to watch on Tuesday night I said I think I am in a serious mood movie tonight, he comes out and puts it in and its "Where the Red Ferns Grow"and if did not get the privdglege of reading it in high school and have not watched it, its about Red Hound dogs...I bawled my eyes out and asked if our 80 pound dog could cuddle on the couch becausei just wanted her to be close. . . . ya I am sucker, a lover, a softy and i do love that smelly hound dog so much.
I will not make that mistake again, no more hound movies.

Shoes- Dexter's (nordstomrs) / Jeans- Big Star (Buckle-thrifted) / Sweater- Target/ Scarf- Gap/ Glasses- Sunglasses Hut.

Today I felt like a nerdy photographer and LOVED IT. Very Casual but when you are only entertaining a 2 year old and hound dog, not a whole lot of "style " is required.

Today I had my kinda nephew Malachi over he just turned 2 last month we hung out, and took some of his 2 year old pictures! We had a few melt downs and a few happy spots but all in all the pictures went well. We then watched Buzz light year or if you want the actual name  "toy story" we ate popcorn (he ate all of it, such a popcorn hog) we went on 2 walks we danced together we laughed we played cards, he won every game. And as much fun as that was my sweet big little hound dog felt very lonely because she had to share me, although she did get to go on two walks and take a nap with us later and was played with all day, she is such an only child because it was not fun for her to see me playing with someone else. Oh my silly dog.
Since Malachi has left she has not left my side as you can tell in the pictures , she is glued on my hip for the rest of the night! 

Here is a few pictures from his photo shot today:

 Pretty hard getting your picture taken and all you want to do is go in and watch Buzz lightyear.

Love this kid.

This is who he is, a spitfire, with a big heart and funny, just a big little kid!

Check out tomorrow for Fashion Friday.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Silver's Week.

What I Wednesday.

Spring feels like it is right around the corner because the sun is out but don't be deceived like me its only 40 degrees out side and it snowed yesterday...which that in itself is weird seeing as we have only had 3 snow days this year and the one yesterday melted in point 5 minutes. I am not going to lie I can not wait for summer. I just love the warm sun and long days, and summer dresses and colors!!!!

This weeks outfits are a little bore due to the fact that I spent half the week in a basketball gym. And it turns out that I almost wore Silver Jeans all week! I have increased my my collection on this trip I am up to 4 pairs now, and I have to say...they are my favorite!

 Hat- Target / True Blue Shirt- CCS

Jeans- Silver (Nordstroms) Shirt- hand made by yours truly

 Jeans- Silver (Nordstroms)/ Shirt- Forever 21 / Necklace- Made by my friend Alicia. Bracelet- Made by friend Cara. Socks- Urban Outfitters

 Jeans- Silver (Maurice's) Belt, Shirt, Scarf- Target / Blazer- H&M

Shoes- Steve Madden / Jeans- Silvers / Shirt- Lauren Conrad/ Belt - Target

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Happy Wednesdays! I will be doing a photo shoot for a 2 year old tomorrow....wish me luck they don't sit still!!!!