Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today is is finally "home ownership day" and I can not be more happy. (a little overwhelmed- but that is just from lack of sleep and too much packing) See I am not the kind of person that can just put a little of everything in a box and seal it up. It has to be similar it has to be in the same room, so when we unpack there is not a little bit everywhere. So its a little more work, but we did it. The Apartment is destroyed...boxes stacked floor to top, no sign that we lived there, except a few marks here and there. In a way I am a little sad...that was our first place together. A lot of first there. ;)

this is only half of this. Did I mention how much I love moving!

And my day would not be complete with out this sweet bunch of kids. They come hug me everyday and love me and say they just want me to have a good day, and love hugging me. Then they each tell me something they love about me or my outfit...and umm hello I am a words person my love tank just overflows. And it all started with my sweet little Madison, she alone started to hug me and now its these girls:

I am blessed. Blessed beyond words. I will miss these sweet faces during the summer.

Pictures to come of the new house TOMORROW!!!!!

Nic & Cole


  1. Nicole i am so excited for you! I totally know the feeling you are feeling right now. It's a great one, isn't it? And I must say that Madison is one cute kid!!

  2. I can attest to the love from those girls. I have been in Nicole's office and have also received hugs from this bunch. So sweet and so so adorable.