Friday, August 17, 2012

7 Weeks.

Sweet Blueberry.

Our Journey to get here has been a crazy one, we really (I mean me), am a planner, I have it all worked out in my head how its going to be and when its going to happen. So we started on this "lets have a baby train" and I full on expected (like most woman) it would happen in that first month! Well here is how it really turned out, One month turned into 2 which lead to 4 then here comes 7 and then 9 and more... and those months are hard, the constant disappointment, the fear that grips you and keeps you awake at night all the "what ifs" go through your mind day after day, when you are growing up you never think oh that's going to be me "the one who cant have kids" or "that will take almost a year or more to have them" and it had started to become my life...Disappointment was evident and i didn't know how to make it less of a big deal.

Then in July Something cool happened, we had some visiting pastors come in from Mexico which I have known them for 7 years now and after the service they heard we were having some trouble getting pregnant so they laid hands on us and spoke life to our womb and spoke a baby into our life, that week we got pregnant! This is our little prayer baby, our miracle that was spoke to us, for us! For all those times people said to me "Gods time is perfect time" and I hated it then, it truly is the truth, and i am so thankful we get this blessing.

So we are happy to announce that we are pregnant and are 7 weeks and the baby is a size of a blueberry right now, its heart is beating and getting stronger by the day, it gives me heartburn like no ones business and constant nausea, but I already love this blueberry more then I ever thought was possible and with that came a love for my husband that I haven't experience before, to watch him through this last year and now is amazing and the way he sees all of this, its perfect.

Dear Baby,
So out of all the millions of little blueberries out there I am proud I get to be your momma!

                                            How cool to know blueberry farmers with a
                                                        huge field for us to use!

These are some great websites about the babies size and growth, because if you are like me CM and inches dont mean a thing, but a blueberry and lemon, now that I can picture!!!

BabyCenter- baby size
Carolee Beckham


Thursday, August 9, 2012

a little of everything

Nut Shell...

-Retail hours= brutal...midnight just does not cut it!! lets face it I have a husband and I am involved in things and am missing out and i am just not that young anymore that I can stay out that late working!
-Summer is truly amazing and wonderful!
-I cry at the Olympics, it might have to do with how patriotic i am but still its ridiculous that I cry every story I heart about an USA athlete and watch them get their gold...tears!
-Vacations are truly amazing, Brittingham Family Vacation is always awesome.
-Traveling to Montana for the first time, even if it is just to cross the boarder to say "I have been there" The husband is truly great for putting up with my "ideas" which I seam to think they are always awesome until I actually stop and think them through....
-my  mother in law always makes me feel amazing when she says things like "look at this hair it is just perfect, its got to be your natural hair color" little does she know (until I told her) that my hair has not been its natural color since i was 15 and just that morning I had pulled out 2 grey hairs...! awesome I know!
-And there is no pictures because I am impatient and the Internet is slow not because I don't have a billion of them!

Happy Thursday!