Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 21 & 22 of Project 365

Confessions of a shop-a-holic  ~

I have found a new blog !! She has become my fashion Icon....sometimes its hard to find someone with the same flare and style as you but I DID. My Stalker tendencies have kicked in, I have downloaded her pictures on my Ipad and use them as a guide on how to branch out on new outfits ! I am having  a blast, and not to mention I went shopping for the first time in a long time for myself. Me and my dearest friend Cassi hit the mall, Friday and spent about 5 hours in only 4 stores!!!! We tried on everything, and we walked out with quality, staple pieces and not to mention, stylish  for both of our wardrobes. My new fashionist will  be starting what she calls 30 for 30, and I have joined!!!!!  I will be taking 30 articles of my clothing and only wearing those for 30 days. I will have to mix and match those pieces. Not including jewelry and / or accessories. I will be starting Feb 1st and will post my adventure of remaking my own style and expanding my creativity....and as I think about it I feel it may be easier said then done. The goal of this is to make us realize that we don't need new cloths we need to expand our own! And not be limited in our "Clothing creativity"
A few of my new purchases as I gear up for 30 for 30:
January 22nd -Saturday Date Night with My hot husband: 

I got this new Army Style Jacket and Shirt, I pared them with my skinnys and brown large belt! As I like to call them but my new "Stacy London shoes"!  She is my Absolute Favorite
(she is on TLC What Not To Wear) 

My Date Night with My husband !! Thanks babe for taking me shopping and out to a movie :) 

January 23rd- Sunday Church :

Trying my new out fit out. I go this new Dress and belt I pared with it. 
 Dress: JC Pennies
Sweater: Target
Brown Belt: Urban Outffiters
Knee Socks: Urban Outffiters
Sued Boots: JC Pennies 
TOTAL PRICE= $60.00 :) I love sales
One of my favorite parts of the day: One of the employees at the store asked me if I was in fashion? I said no. They said "oh you look like you should be and you know what you are talking about! you should consider going into the fashion industry. " I am learning that if you buy staples that you can use over and over, even if its a little more than a sale price its worth it in the long run. Also Have fun and look at the sale racks and buy things that fit, and if they don't fit and you wont get them tailored, DO NOT BUY them!!!!! I am the role model for that one rule...I buy even if it does not fit and never get it fixed!!! I end up never wearing it and it adds to my confusion of what I should wear in the morning. So after my shopping spree (and I wouldn't even call it that, seeing as I had A LOT of self control and only purchased a few items) I went home threw out 3 garbage bags of cloths and re arranged my closet! Like I said Total make over for my look and my closet!

Nic & Cole

Day 20 of Project 365

My cooking adventure~

Being a new wife I have acquired a 
new desire to Cook!! Before that would have scared my socks off, now I am embracing it and trying new things. Unfortunately my husband is the recipient of the "bad dishes" He is a great sport about it.I have had my fair shares of bad dishes, just ask my family, I guess when the box said saute' I was a little unsure of what that meant...I thought it was HEAT UP for a min and then go on with the other directions that = LOTS AND LOTS of crunch (tooth breaking) rice. Lets see, I have a hard time with quarts and gallons...why cant they just put how many cupes that is....mixing...ohhh boy where to start on that one, I thought it was ok for lumps to be in the cookie or cake mixes but usually those mean that there is an ingrediant stuck together, so as you took a bite of them you got a mouth full of brown sugar, or baking powder,or flour! The list could go on. 
I know it is silly but I caramelized onions for the first time, and then put fresh chopped garlic and mushrooms in it. I also made homemade mash potatoes with baby carrots. I am trying to make new stuff everyday.I love chopping!!

It Also makes me very excited for a bigger kitchen, I on purpose saved some fun Kitchen stuff I got for the wedding, they are still in their boxes so I can open them in the new house when I have space~

My Kitchen inspiration is : Rachel Ray, Kelly Hernandez !!! And may I add......That SPICES is a entirely new world for me..a little overwhelming but I can conquer!

Nic & Cole

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19 of Project 365

Do you ever just feel like your life can be summed up in 20 seconds?! 
As I sat on the couch last night I felt like I had an out of body experience, I watched that common scene went right out the door in other offices like mine, that there are other people feeling what I feel at work, so today I would like to share my working day with you via a STAPLES commercial. And if someone could find an easy button for me I would appreciate it :) 
                                     the play button is in the middle of the screen

My day has a lot going on, I get to answer a thousand different questions at one moment! I am expected and expect myself to know the answers to them all. I will make a list of things to do for the day and not get to cross any off!!! And if you are a list person like know just how frustrating it is, but don't you worry I add extra stuff on it like
MAKE COPIES, CLEAN UP, READ EMAILS, MAKE MORE COPIES,  GO THE BATHROOM  (The sad part is I am not making those up I really do it just so I can cross something off my list!!) 
But dont get me wrong I love where I work, and its a lot of fun.
Some of my favorite parts of the day, go like this.

Go into bathroom (because I haven't gone ALL DAY) barely make it in on time.....sitting there, I hear 2 girls walk in, all is quite..then I get to hear this conversation.......
Girl 1: .PSSST....
Girl 2: "Yes" 
Girl 1: "have you started your, ummm "you know what"yet ??!?"
Girl 2: "Ummm I don't know!???"
Me: SNICKERING to myself
Girl 2: "have you?"
Girl 1: "no, that's embarrassing!"
GIRL 1 and 2 as they come out to wash their hands seeing me standing there......BRIGHT RED!!!!! 

Ohhh to be in 5th Grade again. I do not envy them at all, the confusion of not know if you really did start or not!!! 
Me and my Copier it is a Day to Day Love - Hate Relationship. (Please do not shake my printer if it is out of ink)

Day 19 -In the life of Nicole

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year New Goals

I have decided that I wanted to do the Project 365, take a picture everyday, and I will still blog but on days I can not find a single thing to share or blog about, at least I will get a picture up there!

So to play catch up on the past few weeks of my life and 2011.....

Dec 31st / Jan 1st
We Rocked in the New Year with Our family and lots of Kids

Jan (some where in the first week) 
Meet my favorite Blazer Player- Patty Mills. As we walked down the mall, I walked past him and said "Babe, that looks like Patty Mills" and Tom looked and said "Honey that's because it is Patty!" So as a person with stalker tendencies asked "can we follow him" But as a reasonable man that Tom is said no, something about him being on the phone and its not nice to stalk people. But I didn't really hear anything because I was focused on how to get to Patty Mills...some sort of excuse to turn around and go the opposite way of the car.  After I instantly posted on Facebook...oh the joy of having a "smart phone" I somehow convinced Tom to "just see" if Patty was off the phone yet, AND WELL it worked. ( my hunch is, its because he loves me  A LOT) W not only found Patty but he was off the phone. I smiled really big and he looked at me like I was a crazy woman. We went up and I said "Hi Patty, I am a huge fan, you are my favorite player." - and then it started to go down hill........FAST. I got a red and started sweating, I was star struck and could not even remember how to speak, I believe the next words out of my mouth went something like this...."I love, playing you watch...."

Oh man talk about lame!!!! But Tom picked up what i was trying to say and talked with him, he was super cool, he was looking for his Mum and Dad they left him in a store! :) And as a person with Stalker tendencies  I had my phone camera up and ready "just in case" 
Patty Mills!!!!

Skip ahead a little bit....

January 12th - Happy 7 month anniversary to me and my Thomas. Life is great, I love being married, actually, every month just gets better!

January 13th
We began the house purchasing process for the 2nd time!!!
"Thats my house!!" :)   

WE put an offer on this house, its everything we want in a house with a double lot property and 3 thousand square foot house.We should know if they like our offer by Monday at 5pm!!! Meanwhile I have already started to paint and decorate in my mind. :)

So there is a little catch up and some pictures for my day.