Friday, June 24, 2011

Small town living

Rainy Day in Molalla-

we are gearing up for the big 4th celebration we have every year here in Molalla. That's one thing I love about a small country town, we know how to celebrate the patriotic holiday ! but its been a super rainy and gloomy day around here! I am ready for my summer! Did you know in a small town, things close down early? like 8pm early?! and when did 8pm become early....the only shopping store I have is more Target trips..sad face for me. (very happy face for husband) No sit down REAL Starbucks. . . I walk into Safeway and see 7 people I know. Have a new conversation in each isle...makes my grocery shopping much funner.
BUT I love it, all of, I love the same home feeling I get every time I go for a drive, or a run. I love knowing (at times feels like everyone) most of the people in my home town. I love other then Sunday's there is no traffic. But on Sunday's you should avoid Main Street...seeing as it is a 4 way stop not a signal could take awhile.
Its nice, its perfect!

Feeling a little country today! My wonderful friend Sara and I are doing a line dancing expedition for our Big 4th of July Church Service. And today we are practicing ...its always easier to line dance in my boots and lets be real....I just love them A LOT~ Husband came and had coffee with me and I loved every second of that, I adore getting to spend the day with him. He kindly took these pictures before he left . What a guy! !

Nic & Cole

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