Monday, May 16, 2011

Case of the Mondays!

What do you wear when you sit all day and learn?? Something that wont make you itch, sweat, get to cold, get marks on your body from your cloths molding to you, something that you can handle falling asleep while sitting in chair..oh wait I didn't do that ;) but honestly it is seriously alarming how easy I can fall asleep in a public place. I can sleep ANYWHERE! That kinda scares me! 
We just finished up a 3 day ...yes I said 3 DAY Real Estate Conference. Where we literally sat from 8am to about 5pm (with a nice 45 min lunch in there some where) just getting pumped full of knowledge and numbers and scenario and ........ and let me tell you I had a brain overload! I still am recovering from it, its like a Monday hangover. But on the bright side these are my favorite shoes I own, and that says a lot since I have a deep love for my boots!! And my outfits passes the test! *Doesn't that carpet and wall paper just scream Hotel Lobby!?

*For those keeping up on the house count down (or if its just me) we are at 10 days!!!!!!! 10 days and we sign papers and are the proud parents of a beautiful, custom built home. Now I know it will require work and patience and money and TLC BUT I am ready for it. I am ready for this next step.
 And if you are wondering about the "creepers" in the corner those are my family members! Who will only live 2.34 Minutes from us (please keep in mind that is walking time) But seriously I am very excited!
 Ohhh my closet, I love you so... (please excuse the blurry picture...we have no lights in yet, and it was super dark in there! :)  )

Hello stairway...custom built and designed by husband and myself. Its pretty cool to see them in real life! 

My mom says : Nicole that under the stairs closet can be perfect for your sowing room....
Me: thanks mom, out of all the rooms in the house i get a closet with no windows under the stairs...
Mom: well I know that Tom needs the upstairs for his music and office for work...
Me: what am I chop liver?! 
Tom: Just laughing hysterically in the background!

But seriously its Monday AGAIN. I am so ready for it to be Friday! But then again I just want to move into my house so I am wishing my week away! 

Nic & Cole 


  1. See I see storage under the stairs and think instantly, "perfect place for all your seasonal decorating stuff... Christmas, Fall, Spring - you name it!

  2. How come you were at a real estate conference? And cute shoes!!