Friday, May 13, 2011

Awkward and awesome Thursday

Thursday is my new Awkward and Awesome day!! Todays title would have to be...boy or girl?

 - Going on a run and an older man giving you the look up and down while he is  in a tight white "Track suit".....
 - Wearing Jeans, Sweatshirt, Nike's for the first time in like 15 years and husband taking a picture, bam it goes to FaceBook and people asking "Who is that boy in front of your house?" .....UMM thats me!  this is why I do not wear those items!
 - when you realize you have been standing at one spot in the grocery store for over 20 min and have been spacing out.
- Staring at someone because you think you know them, and they continue to look at you.....THAT IS JUST DOUBLE AWKWARD

- Getting a Cranberry Orange Scone from starbucks!
- Having a great friend buy you a jacket you have had your eye on for MONTHS!
- watching them build your house one piece at a time.
- Hanging out with some of my best friends over the weekend and watching what they teach me come into play in my life.
- being able to crash all day and be feed and clothed and entertained at my friends house, and never feel like a burden.
- Having young people want to hang out with you, something about it makes you feel young. Love it!
Here are a few house pictures since we are only 14 days to include some! and YES THAT IS ME not a boy! I am sorry and will not wear it again.

Okay, Ya love the Flooring!!!

P.S I love they pavement!!! Husband is in awe of it...that's his baby on this entire house!

Nic & Cole

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