Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So I have given myself an "out" for failing at taking pictures of my outfit. Ready for my super lame excuse?!
"It is because I do not have a good set up at home for my blogging. I blog on my can not upload pictures on your Ipad from your camera...therefore I do not upload them, too much work to pull out the laptop (plug it in because it is as old as I am and the battery life sustains it for the time it takes to power up then shuts off if not plugged in) umm hello I need wireless...that's the day and age we are in, NO CORDS!! I think a new laptop is on my wish list (and a new bed). " Anyways I say all of that, (and I realized no periods were used.....that's just the mood I am in today) to say I am a committed blogger and will make it better once I move in.
Ok got that out of the way. 
 We move in 1 Day...1 Day.I am so excited I could jump up and down (wait already did that)..We went on a "walk through" yesterday and oh my goodness it is the best house in the world.!!! I am not going to visit it again until Tom carry's me through the threshold tomorrow night!! Grass is in..bark dust...paint is being touched up..REAL door is done..paving should be happening today...fence going in. Please see attached photo..I am really proud parent!!!

Still needs some work but Oh man its close. And in my excitement I failed to take any pictures inside the house! So this is what you get to see!! I have made 5 different lists, I have so much to do. But this is where I kick in. I can do this I thrive on this stuff!!! ITS GO TIME!

Nic & Cole


  1. Maybe no pics of your cute outfits, but some how mysteriously great pics of your cute (sorry, Tom, I mean masculine!) new house! How'd those get on the ipad or computer?!:)

  2. Aggghhh - I'm so excited for you!!! It looks GORGEOUS. Happy moving!