Friday, May 6, 2011

Fast and Furious Style

READY, SET, GO.......

A quick catch up a little glance at the last (almost) 2 weeks, MY BAD. And if you are wondering....I have failed and need to work on this: when given lemons everyday I will in fact eat the lemons instead of making them into lemonade. So its a bitter tasting week instead of a little sweet and sour!! But on to more positive and better weeks!!! 
 I HATE hanging up my cloths. I keep wearing them and then hanging them over the dresser...well that filled up so then it moved to a chair...then it moved to the the point of out of controlness (I know not a word, but hey this is my blog) so I watched Army Wife's on my IPAD and hung up my mess of cloths. I am counting down the days till I have my nice NEW and BIG closet. Speaking of that, I went and toured the house and the guys working asked me what I wanted in my I designed it! not going to brag but its going to be awesome.  I work at a school and its is a month and 5 days until we get out for summer (well the kids do) and it can not come a day sooner! We officially hit 70 degrees here in the Willamette Valley THAT IS BIG NEW. I love dressing up and going out with my husband, but the words I actually said on that day....'Babe I don't want to get all dressed up its so much work. I would rather put on my sweats and tank top and sit here with you!" oh man, I am turning into an old married woman. I fought the urge and got into a dress and did my make up! We move in 20 days!! Then the reality hits me that I need to pack ASAP. So my house at this moment and probably for the next 20 days will look like a tornado ripped through it. One day its 70 degrees and sunny and the next its raining! I just cant decide what I hate more...being teased with the sun or the rain.I took my friends adorable kids home last Sunday, I mean drove the SUV, feed them lunch, laid down the little one and played "sword fighting" on the WIii with the older one (who is only 3) and kicks my butt at it. AND loved every minute of it...what does that mean?! My art project is AMAZING...I feel completed! I love seeing friends (co workers ) after 10 years, and re connecting right away. We honored an amazing woman RUBY this weekend for her service at Figaro's pizza. Mine and almost everyone else First Job experience. She taught us how to work! And friends that last for a lifetime. Watching your little brother go to prom/formal....humbles you a little bit! My brother in law just finished up his 3rd year of college! FINALLY got my hair done, and it feels great. Even big dogs get scared and need to hide for protection . As we were using a power saw, Rosco a pure blood hound came and stood behind me and shook with fear, then layed his head on my shoulder and put his big paw in my hand....He stayed that way until the saw was turned off.

Oh Rosco!

This is all made out of wood from our house, stained, sanded and made into art! I LOVE IT!!!

The outside is not changing much any more!

Cabinets going in!!!! GOOD JOB GUYS!

on the left is the kitchen cabinets and on the right is our new floor (3rd new flooring)

Cleaning up our back yard!! Goodbye wild blackberry bushes!!!

seriously ?! where did you get the height from..I am super short and you are super tall!??!?!?

I love this man!

BEST FIGARO CREW!!! 2001-2008

My Not so little Brother anymore! At Junior / Senior Formal

Real men carry their wife's purses/bags! What great MEN.
The Boys of Summer...climbing on a dirt mound.!!!! We love the Hernandez's

I am headed to the beach with the Woman Of TCC. It is our getaway! Riding down with the lovely Sarie June in her beautiful BMW, where we will meet up with 68 other WILD WOMAN OF THE WORD for  a great weekend at Canyon Beach!

OH and did i mention I am wearing shoulder pads.....?!??? I may have just jumped back in the eighty's!



  1. You are NOT wearing shoulder pads!! Oh Nicole... (shakes head sadly ;)
    Loved the recap, too much to comment on, but I'll hit a few... you looked gorgeous chaperoning prom, love the stone work on the front of your house, and awesome artwork!

    See you this weekend!

  2. Oh, Jodi , you know in no time you will be wearing shoulder pads too. It just takes you a little while to get use to the thought of them (like skinny jeans!)