Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A Sun a day keeps the cranky Cole away!

Our very own personal water fountain in front of our apartments.

I love spontaneous date days with the husband. it was such a nice day we couldn't pass up going on a walk. I am so grateful for his flexible job and how much he loves me and loves to spend time with me...I know, I know I am gushing but I JUST CANT HELP IT! (and frankly I don't want to help it) I love my husband!! :) 

15 days until move in! I think that it hit me yesterday,  I am going to have my very own house. My very own stuff. People are going to get to come to my house. (OUR, since the husband is going to live there as well)
I am learning this simple truth. Fear is a spirit. (here is my example)
If you were afraid of watermelons (and its watermelons because its an in-adamant object and most of our fears are just that..... it your simple "fear of eating one" turns into something bigger and grow into a bigger fear of .."maybe seeing one, or touching one. Then over time the more you say "I am afraid of watermelons the more it grows . It may end up that even driving by a watermelon field will turn into panic, anxiety. 
I know what your thinking... "who is afraid of watermelons?!" but its so true. Our little fear grows, and why?! because we let it!! we speak it out of our mouths. So now anytime I am faced with a fear I say "I am not afraid of watermelons...." And today IT WORKED!!! So be free!!!
*I am truly excited about tomorrows Blog.......
Nic & Cole


  1. Way to go Nicole! Love your faith statement!!

  2. And NO MORE fainting at the sight of doctors or in their offices