Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cloths, Buffalo and Washers.......

Have you ever made a "bad decision" and by bad I mean more of a mistake...like "oh man I really shouldn't have ate that extra cookie"... or "man I really should have washed my hair!" Well those may just be two things I should have done, followed my intuition..I am a woman I have that, Right?! . I may have not only ate 2 cookies but ate 4!!! What can I say?! They were good, actually amazing. And It was a bad, very bad decision to not wash my hair... oh man BAD HAIR DAY of the year happening. I had even brought a hat to put on and it didn't cover the horribleness that is my hair! 

So by 2:30 (the end of the school day and almost the end of my work day) I know by the way, what you are thinking "oh man hard life!! Getting off at 3pm"   My hair was up in a pony tail. Not even a cute "blogger bun" no just an stinky (not really stinky) oily pony tail after accepting my loss! But a sweet little freshman walked in and told me how cute my hair looked today!! Perception is everything!  

TODAY  however I am clean, washed, oil free hair and rocking the full bangs! NO HAT NEEDED.
Today I will go meet husband up in P-town and sign some papers then  pick up our appliances. Then drive back down to the Mo and do a walk through on the house!
Ohh the fun date days we get to have. I am looking forward to when I am no long picking out washers on a date :) 

Over the weekend Husband took me on a date morning to "crossroads trading Co." and Buffalo Exchange" Where I sold a total of almost $300.00 (retail price) of clothing to them. At the first store I had purchased clothing so money to take home, and for Thomas' sake I took the money and ran from Buffalo. And by ran I mean we were done shopping! 

So 2 1/2  years ago, our friends went to buy a phone from "Nicole's Boyfriend" What can I say it was love at first sight for them, and whats not to love??!! Tom is an amazing guy with a big personality and even bigger heart!!!
Here is a photo from that day!

Dawson just went in last week and got a new one....This is the followig conversation:

Dawson: "Ya hey man, we are going into Canby to buy a phone you there today?
Tom: "No but go on in and I will get you the hook up!"
Daws: "Sweet thanks Man" 
Tom: "of Course!!" 
*please note, all the boy slang...makes me giggle! 

Toms Calles the store:
Empolyee: Hey Tom...Ya they are here, they just got here. I will give them a good deal!

Tom:  They are my family, you treat them good, you make sure and get them the best deal possible. Hook them up big. And I will check back to make sure you did.
Empolyee says to Sarah and Dawson: Man you must be Tom's family...I will take care of you, don't worry!

I felt like I was in a Mafia movie. Its all about taking care of the "family"! Dont mess with the family. We are one! 

Nic & Cole


  1. Yo, man, that was sweet, bro! (that's the best I got!)

  2. I's tell that guy, that I knews me a Tommy B, and youse better treat mes good if ya knows whats good for ya! Of course I spoke this lingo in my adorable fedora hat. hahahahahahaha! So glad we's family! :)