Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awkward and Awesome- BFF


-being told you are too old to attend a college event.....oh man if I would have only taken longer on graduation for school! 
- being told you picked a town to move into that is...decreasing in economical worth with an abundance in housing.
- Thinking you see a celebrity walking in your local grocery store and straining to stare, in an  obviously awkward way!!!  
-Talking in your sleep, then waking up while in the middle of the conversation with the husband. 


-being 1 week till I move into my dream house!
- Having my Starbucks (the one by my house that I go to almost everyday) inform me they will miss seeing me everyday...I think that is when you know you have a problem -addiction! 
-Wearing a summer outfit and having it be warm outside. 
- riding in a convertible when its almost 70 outside (that's a record in the valley)
- Knowing that I have a 4 day vacation next week. 
- Waiting, finding and marrying the right person. Your best friend. And never losing that attitude.
-The first moment you see the love of your life on your wedding day! Its like fireworks, an describable feeling, once in a lifetime moment! 
-Pure love, that has lasted, been tested, shared endless moments, cried, loved, and continue to stand! 
- the pureness of a relationship, if done the right way. 
-The promise you have if you stay strong and continue to stand for your marriage. 

My Best Friend. I don't know where I would be with out him!

Noelle & Isaac. My baby sister marrying the man of her dreams.....amazingly priceless

The First moment! ! ! Noelle & Isaac

Tom's First look at me!

First Moment! June 12th 2010

The Pureness of Love! 
*My beautiful friend Kelly and her husband (also my friend) Dave 

 My in laws - Married and happily in love.They still know how to laugh and enjoy each other!

*I love being in love with my husband!

Nic & Cole


  1. Awe, this post made me tear up...:) in a good way!

  2. I love being in love with my husband too! Wowza we got blessed with great men in our lives didn't we!