Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A rainy weekend away!

What a great weekend with a bunch of GREAT friends! 

Fun: Rooming with my closest friends. Finding great prices on a pair of shoes I have been longing for. Frozen yogurt. Driving down to the beach with my friend. worshiping with 70 amazing woman. Having Maggie Long jump on me and let me straighten her hair!! Finding 2 old books (much love) Celebrating Mom's and all they do for EVERYONE. Getting to know other friends. Getting away!Coming home to the husband. I missed my best friend very much. we chatted for 4 hours and it reminded me how much I adore him. and that I love spending everyday with him. I love my husband being my bestest friend. He even held my hand and let me watch "House Hunters" 3 episodes in a row!

Not so fun: the rain...which insisted on coming ALL weekend. realizing I forgot socks. only bringing one tank tops (to wear under my shirts...I always do, its a weird habit of mine.) and it has to be a certain kind because I do not like anything else. My camera being "memory full" I have an issue of not deleting pictures after I download them. 

Maggie, Laurie, Sarah and Therese

My Adorable Vanessa!

My "New" old book. Emerson's Essay! I love, love LOVE the name Emerson~

When I got home!

OUTFIT Pics to come!!!

Nic & Cole


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