Monday, April 25, 2011


Green Eggs and Ham......

This weekend was GREAT! We got to see Josh & Sarah (their 3 kids) and Ben & Jen (their 4 kids) up in Seattle WA. Both Josh and Ben are Tom's older brothers and I adore their families (and them). Having 7 nieces and nephews up there that I dotn get to see very much makes me want to soak up ever second I can with them! Here are a few pics of our weekend Adventure:

Step one: Sleep in!!! (no work ) YES. Starbucks...always a must on a road trip, wait its a must everyday! Down my cranberry orange scone because i was starving. GET TO DRIVE all the way there because Tom needs to work and answer phone calls. Did you know that Washington's speed limit is 75!? Heck yes. Maneuver in and out of Seattle like a pro - Check! Stop and get snacks. I will have to add that cheddar popcorn in a bag is my favorite thing in the world to eat! Stay at a house with 4 kids and love ever second of it. Play Uno with the 3 little ones and win2 out of 4 times and maybe be a little too excited about my VICTORY. Go a Giant Easter Egg hunt with hundreds of kids and 6 adults and 7 kids means we are out numbered...NO child was lost or hurt in the making of this! Watch a 2 hour T-ball game of my six year old nephew Jaxon  and watch his team win and him filled with joy as he didn't "strike out and be a loser" (direct quote from him) boy do we raise them competitive...I swear he is not my child, but I have a good feeling that mine will be very similar. drop the kids off at "kids night" at their local YMCA and enjoy an evening with us adults. We had steak and lobster for dinner, cooked by Jen's dad and step mom in their amazing house overlooking Lake Washington....did I mention that it hit 70 degrees and my arm got burnt?! Pure goodness! Arose early for sunrise church service! had brunch with both families. Drove to Woodenville Washington to look at Josh and Sarah's new house they move in next week. I drive home due to the fact that over the weekend Tom's eyes got red and swollen and his contact was scathing his eye. He slept I drove (normally the other way around, and that's how I like it) I cut of 23 min of our drive time....tom calls me a fast drive...pesh posh. To tired to cook after my long 4 1/2 hour drive I made that we called in delivery pizza and I did manage to get in 2 loads of laundry. Follow up by watching my new favorite obsession  TV Show....Army Wives (season 4). To bed.

Ella Brittingham ( Turning 3 in July)

Learning to do the Monkey Bars

Aunt Cole and baby Cason! Enjoying the park

Ella using her daddy as a Jungle Gym!

Jaxon T Ball
 SO me all into my fashion....didn't get one picture of my outfits even though I told Tom to do it and I forgot to remind him. = Fail

Uncle Tom getting some practice in!

Jake and Sophie


Cason (not so happy) and Aunt Cole...loving it!

We had a great weekend with the family and celebrating Easter! Now back to the real world!