Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time Flies WYNN you are having a great time.....

My mom use to tell me..."Dont wish your life away, enjoy each season. And once you start getting older time just goes faster." And how true is that?! I feel like I blinked and here I am 26, married, building a house, and the list goes on. Its like the country song "Don't Blink" Well I have got to stop doing that. Maybe permanently keep my eyes open or something. And then I start thinking about where i will be at next year this time. What new adventurers I will be doing...going....getting ready for. 

April 2010: ohhh man I miss the sun!

Oh man how wonderful that sun was....nice 85 degrees everyday in the dry dessert a girl can get use to this kind of life. 
My *at the time soon to be in laws decided they wanted to spend time with us and flew us out to Vegas 2 months before our wedding for a nice relaxing getaway. It was AMAZING. we just RELAXED...and after wedding planning it was just what I needed. 
Next few pictures our Vegas Brittingham style.
I could not have asked for better in laws. They are truly amazing.

It took 4 action shots to get this one with no people walking through and me smiling.... well worth it though. 
We did all the touristy things, and then hung by the pool and went to Cirque du Soleil , that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Then Phantom of the Opera. Toms favorite hotel "Caesars Palace" my favorite "The Ballagio"
And this why people get married in Vegas...this is the loby to the new hotel "The Wynn" 

I walked down this Isle and fell in love. I told Jim and Kathy..."Find me Elvis" :) but no we did not get married like everyone told us to in Vegas. We waited 2 more moths to do it in front of our family and friends :) But seriously slap me in a dress and I would walk down that isle in the Wynn in a heart beat. I might in fact pretend we didn't get married fly down there and do it all again right there in the middle of the lobby!!! its wedding perfect! 

So the moral of the story is "Time flies WYNN you are having a great time...and my life this last year has been great, in fact the BEST year of my life. And for now I love where I am and am not wishing my life to go any faster! 


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  1. 85 degrees sounds reaaaallly nice right about now! Love your cute new blog background :)