Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Recap! Rockstar style.

Party like a Rockstar~

This past weekend we ventured out of our house after begin house stuck for a week an half with Tom, as he was getting over his aliments. We hopped in the Volvo and hit the open road, it was a nice feeling to get out(even if it was just to Molalla). We went to my sweet little brothers Baseball game , then jumped in the car and drove to our NEW house and walked around, meet some our neighbors who told us we were building a monster house, and i simply smiled and said "oh! Thank you I guess?!" Because its not big its normal size. I think that was their nice way of saying...."we enjoy our quite neighborhood and all the traffic with building supplies, electricians, plumbers, cement annoying us! 

Roof Half done,but stairs complete!

Next day, roof done, windows in!!!

Then we went to my brother in laws concert. How cool that he is so talented and gets to do this! My sister is a true Rockstar. She is their manager, sales rep, and pretty much all around band keeper on the straight and narrow girl, who happens to be crazy for the drummer! :) It was cute these Jr. High girls were swooning over the band, they got all their autographs and even went up to Noelle to get hers!!! OK seriously adorable

*spotted up their getting autographs too....we may be a little older then Jr. High but what can we say?! WE LOVE SAWTELL, and are so proud of them. 

My Rockstar Brother in Law Isaac McKinley- The drummer! 

Then on Sunday we went and hung after church at our house!!! We showed it off in all the framing to our parents and friends. Then we just walked around and sat there for 2 hours. We got to leave some inscriptions on the walls, The entire process has been really awesome, just knowing that I am the first one to live in this house, and those are my 2x4's makes me excited.
*I may have taken some extra technically not being used boards to make some art to hang in my house! It will be awesome when its done, but for now I have a pile of board ridding around in the trunk with me! (pictures to come)

Nic & Cole


  1. House is looking good Nicole! I want to come see it!!

  2. yes,I agree with Jodi, the house is looking awesome! Can't wait until its finished!
    I liked your recap on Sawtell! woohoo Gotta love that band!