Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hold the Floor!!!!

Carpet Squares, Flooring and David! 

A person can get overwhelmed going into a carpet store, see not only do they have carpet but flooring and laminate and well you name it they got it. My OCD kicked in when we walked in and the floor is all different color of carpets and different hardwoods all layed in besides each other...I am pretty sure I would go crazy working there!!  David our sales guy was an interesting fellow. Super nice but had a little quark about him.. was super excited about carpet and flooring maybe that's what the quark was! What a weird job to have, but he seemed to enjoy every second of it and was so helpful and pulled all the stuff we needed and more!

So here is our carpet and hardwood and flooring for the bathroom's and laundry room:

I am more excited then I look ! :)

Craft corner is what we should start calling my table....oh boy its becoming a part of my more "just one project" its almost a full time job in itself (that I am neglecting) Here are a few pictures of my items
My Wreath !

My GOLD more!!!!

My Candy Stash...oh opps that's not a craft. BUT I do a reward rose made equals 1 candies....its a good system.   
Watch out Color Brigade ....I am all over this! 

Yellow, Denim, floral print (and add in printed tights and boots and a Belt) and you get = None of my cloths matching!!! (big pat on my back from me !!)

                                                   Skirt: Romey- on sale for 5.99
                                                   Belt : Urban Outfitter- 12.99
                                                  Watch: Nordstroms (Gift Card -Free)
                                                   Denium Shirt: Target- on sale 5.99
                                                  Sweater: Target -14.99
                                                  Flower brooch - Sarie June Etsy Shop
My wonderful Teachers Assistant took this picture of me and my "Don't get in trouble look"
I wanted to give a shout out to one of my closest friends! She is amazing and super talented and all around a sweet person oh and did I mention gorgeous?! You should try her food it is amazing Thekiwigirl cooking Kelly! . She went and thrifted this skirt (made my heart proud) and made this outfit on Sunday and look so stylish I needed to take a picture! 

Happy Easter Everyone! Pictures from our road trip to Seattle and the older Brittingham siblings to come on Monday!!


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  1. Love your floor choices, they are going to look gorgeous in your new house. And I LOVED your outfit when I saw you down at the school today - fabulous my friend!