Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Get Motivated-
We had a great weekend. We went to a business conference all weekend 9:00am-5:30pm Friday-Sunday. Tom went all 3 days and I made it Saturday and Sunday, very good but long and a lot to learn, by Sunday at 4.45pm my brain checked out and I got out the good Ipad and started reading blogs! And what a great group to be part of it, it is Christian organization that is faith based and presents it as: Tithe first, make money, then give away. If you are faithful with the little, what more will you get?!! What a great testimony this family has. 

"If it always seems to be about you, and you are frustrated with focusing staying on you and you can never seem to get to the surface, Do something for someone else, pay for their meal, smile and talk to someone you normally wouldn't, share your faith, just TAKE IT OFF YOU." 

House Recap- it is coming right along...day by day!!

Last Week!

inside! This is looking into the living room and back window

Hottie, with out house plans!!!

I love my house!

our mailbox nailed onto our fence...we are not redneck or anything!

Pondering our new house!!

Sign me up, I can be a builder!!!

looking inside the roof!

our bonus room looking down towards the stairs!

he is proud of his new garage!

My dad and Tom "discussing Ideas" :)

Jeff staking his territory, I guess I am glad this is all he did to stake it!

Howie with thumbs up that he loves it!

Garage almost done!

We are ready to move in....

I am building away!! If they knew what was smart they wouldn't leave their tools laying around where I can get them!!!

I love this picture. :)

WELCOME to the Brittingham's! "We are not crazy please come on in!" 



  1. Great post, the house is looking AWESOME!!! Counting down the days until we're practically neighbors!!

  2. Hurray for you! Makes me excited to start building ours!!