Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 83 Of Project 365

Tuesday 3/29

Do you ever just have one of those weeks....nothing goes right, you say the wrong thing, you feel used and just spent, you are not sure why you are where you are, not sure if you are doing the right thing EVER.....

After spending the night in the ER with my very sick husband this is how I remember Tuesday:
3 hours of sleep (not enough these days for me)  got myself up went to Target first thing, did a side trip (its hard because its a ONE STOP SHOPPING) got some shoes while I filled his prescriptions, asked for a triple shot in my coffee (Did nothing for me), did not even taste my scone because I ate it so fast, I had forgot to eat dinner seeing as I was in the ER, took him his medications (he is on 5) ,  turned right around and went to work. The next few hours were just a blur, between making copies and helping everyone I am actually not sure what I said or did. I then set up for our Line Dancing (super awesome) hung out with my wonderful friend Sarah, got ready,  then went and hosted our TCC "Country Meets Classy" Line Dancing and danced the night away, in my new REAL Texas boots (thank you GL and Carolyn)  I do not remember even driving that point I should not be allowed to drive, which makes me say this "I can not WAIT till I live 5 min from everything rather then 35-40 min."

Here is our dancing recap:

Sarah , Carol our amazing instructor and myself *my new boots!!!

Our Theme: Country Meets Classy....way to represent Vanessa!

My wonderful, amazing Friend Sarah
  We kicked up our heels and had a blast with the woman of TCC. 

So now I am here , and I feel like I need an extended get a way vacation. Somewhere warm, somewhere far far away, maybe for like 3 months. My perfectionist personality (I put on myself) is getting the best of me. I am frustrated and defeated. Then something happens just like a little reminder,just a little "something"
"it's the little things that change my perspective."

As I am finishing this I get this: helps to remind me, why I work here and not really far away, and it brings tears to my eyes. Because she doesn't even know how much this cut out heart means to me.
Thank you Madison. You have hugged me everyday on your way to Recess and then made this for me, I am truly blessed by my 2nd grader : Madison.

Nic & Cole


  1. Aaaah, Cole, you just warmed a mommy's heart:) I'll have to let Madison read this before school. She will love it and be all smiley and bubbly!!

  2. :) I like that my wedding motto was stolen for TCC's line dancing.... :)

    Tough days are not fun. Sorry you had a crazy week.

  3. Is your hubby ok? What was up?