Monday, April 18, 2011

Sun, Sun don't go away....

There are days I want to move to a place warm, Oregon is teasing us with a glimpse of sun and lets face it my legs are not getting any tanner, they are ghostly white, so I apologize in advance for my skirt wearing and the glare of my legs. Tom swept me away for a little weekend getaway! He came home told me to pack a bag and took me to downtown to the Paramount Hotel for the night! Then he followed it up the next day with a shopping day. It was awesome.

Please forgive the blurriness of the picture.....I left my good camera laying on the bed.

Valet is such a great thing...I love it! They carry our bags and walk us up to our room.Makes me feel like a millionaire or country star.

What a wonderful date weekend with my best friend.

I am starting to train for my first ever 10k marathon ! ! I am so excited and nervous and have no clue what to expect from it!!! It is the Helvetia Half Marathon on June 11th. I have 8 weeks to train!! I will be running it with my beautiful Sister Noelle, my brother in law Big Mike Britt and  the very talented Sarah.
 *updates to come on how sore i am tomorrow after jumping back into the running world.

Our house (38 days....which to me feels like FOREVER....) is coming along. They got the doors on and we could not get in. But we meet our neighbors sweet couple and their names are Don and Nicole and I am sorry but that sounds pretty close to Tom and Nicole...:) Our neighbors stole our names! 
Please put your sunglasses on to reflect the sun bouncing off my legs! 

This is my new outfit all Thrifted! My amazing husband spoiled me !! :)

I think I  am addicted to Thrifting. :)

Nic & Cole 

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