Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How could you not Thrift??!!

 If its half price that means I get more.....right??!!!!

I have found another thrift store I have fallen in love with. "Crossroads Trading Co". It has great prices and a great selection of sizes and all styles. I scored 3 new tops, 2 skirts (Watch out world , I am on a skirt kick right now) 1 new dress and a pair of black skinny's (I was in desperate need for those, because really who wouldn't be in need of another pair?!) If I have 20 dollars to spend I can go thrifting and get multiple items or 1 item at regular price. Why not get more?! I love to go in and hunt for items, my hunter mentality kicks in of: go, find, bag, bring it home, I have conquered, jump up and down with joy, as soon as you get home try it all on AGAIN and make outfits out of them!!!!.....okay so I guess that I am not a true "Hunter" they probably do not do the last few things!

Here are a few of my outfits from my last expidition: 

My New Banana Republic shirt thrifted, White pants: Gap,  Sweater: Gap,  Belt : Thrifted 

Hello first "Real" Day of Spring...ohh how I have missed you!!!

 *I had found a "Color Brigade"(Check out her link on the Right hand side of my blog)  and the rules were you had to wear 3 different colors (patterns only counted as one) so this was my first attempt at it..its harder then you think! I know you are probably calling me a big baby, so you can now attempt to do it! Sarah has completed it and did a great job she is listed as a team member in the brigade!!!
Taking a break from the office to enjoy the kids playing :)

I feel like I should get a recess!!!

I was showing off my  new socks that have rocked my world. They are long enough to wear with my boots and have purple on the top!!! Awesome! 
Oh and I gave myself a bang trim...I am pumped about my hair growing but that means I need a hair cut sooner and my hairstylist just had a I will be waiting !  But we all know how I wait and how my patience is (non existent) so I trim my own hair!!! And I have been encouraging my hair...Grow hair Grow, you can do it, I know it!!! It seems to be helping!

Nic & Cole


  1. Fabulous outfits my friend! Where is this new thrift store? I MUST go and conquer as well :)

  2. Is that up in the Hawthorne district? I think I went there with your sis, Sarah, and Laura. I bought my Easter dress for $8.50. :)