Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"You are the arm pit girl?!"

Last First!!! 

Today we celebrate our 2 year anniversary of our first date. I know that's cheesy...and corny and probably makes some people roll their eyes. I however, Call me romantic or sappy, but think its a milestone. It was our last first date we will  ever go on. It is a marker for something significant that happened! A date you can look back on and smile knowing just how nervous and excited you were. And how many people know first dates are terrifying most of the time. You mix nerves with the unknown and it could possibly equal disaster. I have a had a few. One I recall I spilled water not only once on that date but twice . . .and tried to play it off like it didn't happen, ohh but it did! I may have tripped while walking and then at the end of the date while talking for hours I leaned in and smelled his arm pit. YES I DID! I mean who does that?! Seriously only crazy stalkers do that, and I feel like I stepped over into that. He stopped talking and was like "did you just smell me?" I began to laugh and heard him laughing so that must be a good sign right?!! But really come on... who leans in and takes a big whiff of someones arm pit (that's gross) but boy did he smell good!!! And luckily that was the story of my last first date. Tom must have seen something in me to look past those weird qualities of mine. And he just reveled to me this year that he noticed I had spilled my water but didn't want to say anything to me at the time. And his family still reminds me that they all knew me as "the arm pit girl" and thought it was the funniest thing ever!  My last first date was the best date I had ever been on and still holds a very special place in my heart. Thats when I started to date my husband!!

                                                                      April 19 2009

It is crazy how it seems like you love someone and you cant love them more....but it happens you grow more in love with them daily. I look back and laugh because we had such a great start to our life together and it only gets better!!! So thank you babe for our weekend getaway to celebrate two fabulous years and I am looking forward to so many more and all the new memories we get to make together! And yes I am excited to grow old with you and at the end of the day sit on the porch holding your hand and reminisce over out life together, and watch our kids and grand kids grow up and live out our legacy, there is NO ONE i would rather share my life with, you are the love of my life now and forever.

Nic & Cole


  1. It did my heart good to remember that first date. What shades of red you turned when you first told me what happened.

    Can't wait to meet those said grandkids and kids.

    I know, I know NOT YET


  2. Good post honey... and nice picture of the beard! I'm bringing it back!

  3. Hahah my first visit to your blog and you have me laughing- that's a good sign! The armpit girl- well I guess there could be worse nicknames ;) Congrats on your anniversary- I'm sappy like that too!

  4. Funny I have never heard that story

  5. Oh my gosh!! I smelled Jessie's armpit too!! I think he said the same thing Tom did at that point... Congrats you two! Can't wait until we are neighbors :) :) :)

  6. I don't think I've ever smelled Erik's armpits and we've been married 17 and half years! Whatever works!!