Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting my Craft on!

I decided it was time to start start to use my Right side of my brain! Get the juices flowing for down the road.

 My very crafty(you just look at her creations it will make you sick with the green Jealousy monster, because no body should have that much talent, but I absolutely love her) Friend Sarah and I had picked up this UGLY little guy from a antique store, I saw little to no value in this, but SARAH on the other hand told me I can make it "country Classy"

** In all fairness I need to confess, that I forgot to take a before picture so I had to Google (p.s. I love Google!!) it and find a similar one. And this pretty much fits the real one, its loosing its "silver color" rust on the side know the "Find" I am talking about.

And made it into this....
  It is a beautiful antique white which gives it character and a little hit of country. And I know exactly where it will go in my house! It is almost finished and I had so much fun turning something ugly into beauty that I got a mirror I am doing today! *Pictures to come. 
I am on a craft kick, I have started 2 others on top of my candle and mirror make over. I am turning my pile of left over wood from the house build into art work. Here is the wood I have been taking, and because I am worried of being caught in the act I only take a few pieces every time I go there. ;) Because you know a little at a time is not stealing (oh the things we tell ourselves to justify what we do!)

The Pile
And I also have take on a vintage wreath to do I am hoping to have it done by May 26th but it turned out to be a little more extensive and detailed then I thought! As I was using a hot glue gun last night (I have battle wounds to show for my lack of using those type of things) I ran out of glue sticks and looked at the clock it was was not even a 5 minute drive to Target, I could make it by closing at 10pm.....I looked at my project not even 1/4 into it....looked at Tom, he was all comfy in sweats and watching the Blazer game....I had to get more, I could not wait so I said "Babe, we need to go to Target. Get your shoes on!!"
And this is how the conversation went from there:

Tom: "What? Why?" (a confused, complex look on his face) 
Me: "Because I ran out of hot glue sticks, and I need them BAD for my project, it will only take us 15min max" (please be aware I have never EVER shopped at Target for only 15 min, and he knows that!)
Tom: "Sugar......we are not going tonight, you will just have to get more tomorrow. Its late and they are almost closed." (Mr. Reason!!!!!!! )
Me: "Ugggg, babe I need it now though, I will loose my creative flow if I wait till tomorrow."
So sad and defeated, I finished what I had left and broke my pen trying to get the last little drop of glue out.So today I have a mission: TARGET and GLUE STICKS. 

As we mourn the loss of one our staff members who lost his life in car accident on Monday, the stories are coming in from the kids who loved him and are probably dealing with death for the first time in their life. Monday afternoon after the kids found out, I walked down the grade school hall and it was the saddest moment I have ever seen. Kids cries where heard from almost every kid in every class.  Grader Schooler's learning how to process life and death and loosing someone close to them.

The next day Lily one of our 1st graders said it this way:
" I miss Mr. Turner, but he is in heaven now!." 
The teacher said "Yes sweetie he is" 
Lily: "Ya he is dancing around and free and not in pain." 
Teacher: "you are right!"
Lily paused, thought about it," I am so proud of him"

I love the simplicity of kids, how they love and that loved fills them to the rim they love with no rules, they love with out knowing why and with out fear. They learn to let go and know that there is something bigger and a place better then here, and even if we as adults do not understand it and are deeply saddened, Just look at those kids and they shine with pure love and understanding. I have learned more about love and sadness and forgiveness during this week.  If you need a dose of love, reality, forgiveness, go be around a little 1st grader or hug a 3rd grader. Ask a 5th grader what Love means, watch a 4th grader put their arm around a classmate and just stand there and be a shoulder to cry on, or a 6th grader who is praying for his classmate and started to sing a song of love, The thing that I have watched play out through loss and tragedy is...Grace for each other and love RULE all. It knows no limit! 

Nic & Cole 

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  1. Ok so I started with laughing and ended up in tears! Glad that your projects are going well. Thank you for sharing what Lilly said. The love those kids have is one of the most amazing things!

  2. cute post nic, you will be a pro with that glue gun before you know it! woo-hoo!