Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Prints and Stripes.....

We will be parents in T- 24 hours....We are as ready as we will ever be. A trip to Petco and a quick on line study of "How to successfully Crate Train your dog" lecture and BAM she is coming. Husband is going to be training and spending good quality time with her in the morning while he works from home. I have a feeling that he may start leaving earlier then he use to. :) I do not blame him! potty training a dog can be very irritating.  We went out to dinner with some great friends that are stationed over in Augusta, Georgia. We ended up going to this little restaurant called "The Farm" and it resemble a farm, its a huge hit, people flock to it. On our way home a car in front of us swerved off the road to see "GOATS" .......ordinary little goats in a field. .. I could not stop laughing and almost peed my pants, we have them in bulk in our town! I love that i can literally drive 40 min and be in a big city where farm animals are non-existence and that people name their fine restaurant "The Farm"Ohhh silly big town. 

Cant wait to show off my new shirts I just got....I am weeks behind in my posting pictures and in my running....oh boy I need to step it up.

Nic & Cole


  1. Is that tree on the wall in your house? I love it!! Cute outfit (will you be offended if I tell you that it's "stripes", not "strips"? I love you! ;)

    Good luck with the puppy training. We are officially on the lookout for one of our own (but smaller) and I have to admit I'm already feeling a bit overwhelmed... I don't know what I want!

  2. I love this outfit! I love the pop of color in your skirt and this striped sweater paired with the brown shoes. Love.it! :)