Monday, July 18, 2011

Her name is Elliott....

I am in love ...

Our sweet friend Annie got one too, She named her's Dixie! So the little sisters will grow up together and have play dates. I am so excited.

Proud Daddy!

We fell in love with her Saturday July 16th At first sight. Well Husband did. I on the other hand had my eye on another little girl. But Husband kept coming back to her. picking her up, showing her to me, making me hold her. And now my heart is attached. He is one proud soon to be dad! We named her Elliott Mae Brittingham . She is a Labloodhound. Half bloodhound, half yellow lab. And she is the sweetest little thing, her temporary owners called her "cuddles" because she loves to be cuddled and held. We get to bring her home in 2 weeks, we have a ton to do before that happens....crate, lesh, collar, fill in barkdust along fence line, food, water dish...ok not really a lot. that all can be done with one trip to Pets Mart or Wilco. So I am not worried just super excited. But this is a big step for us, we knew it would come but we now are a dog owner, we will have a DOG!!! A life to take care of, to watch out for, to feed and love..... I am so excited I am doing a happy dance.
Thank you my wonderful, sweet, loving husband for letting us get one. Its going to be epic! you are truly amazing. Thank you for my sweet little family. 

Fridays outfit! 

We had a great weekend of laying around and picking out our puppy, went to a marriage seminar on Saturday. Watch our friends 3 kids, took them to FroYo, watched a movie, and got up early and made pancakes. Sunday after church we took a long wonderful nap (much needed- due to the excitement of getting a dog I was wore out ) Cleaned my house floor to ceiling due to my new addiction "Hoarders- Buried Alive" TV show. My OCD comes out so I wont be like them causing me to clean even the baseboards on a regular basis.

Happy Monday 



  1. awww adorable! and that show is sooooo crazy!!!!! ha ha your house will never be anything like it, and tip on dog food, make sure you check the back of every dog food bag because usually they lie and when you look at the ingredients it says chicken by product meal or lamb by product meal, if it says that don't get it! Rachael Ray has a really good line, its called newtrish or something like that and there are no by-products in it, they have it at Walmart. good luck! don't forget the piddle pads for potty training!

  2. You two are going to be GREAT parents. So happy and excited for you. Can't wait to walk our dogs together. And then obedience class....good times good times.