Friday, July 22, 2011

Ahoy Mate!

Friday July 22 - Already?!

One of my new favorite outfits I have put together.
I am on a new found love for my skirts, Its a wonderful love, I truly love wearing them again , I can pair them with almost anything. This worked perfect for Church. However I must confess I do feel a little pirate in this shirt! its got a lot of ruffles and is SHEER....wasn't that in back in the 80's?! So I vetoed the eye patch and wore it anyways, turns out I loved it.

-White Ruffle Shirt- Thrifted - Anne Taylor Loft
- Gray Skirt- Thrifted - Gap
- Blue Belt- Thrifted 
- Knee Socks- Target 3.99
-Brown Boots- Macy's 49.00
-Flower Brooch-Sariejune 
-White watch - Nordstroms - 16.99

On Tuesday my wonderful friend kidnapped me after work and took me up to Crossroads....she had to sell some cloths...well I shopped and bought a great little skirt and 2 cute shirts (and I know that you know they would be cute or I wouldn't have purchased them but I still like to say it) So now I have the bug...I came home and went through my closet getting an entire bag full of cloths that I wanted to trade for new ones.
I took my sweet Courteney up there (her first time up in Hawthorne district and at Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange) I sold 9 Items to Crossroads for an exchange and purchased 4 shirts and some sandals. and only spent $1.50 over my sell price. Then I walked up the road to Buffalo and waited for 35 min in line to sell more. . They took more then crossroads did and I sold 11 items and pocketed the money....NOW I know it was smart to take the money but I actually lose money if I just take it instead of trading for new cloths...I have buyers remorse...or maybe it would be sellers remorse...Well whatever it is BAD DECISION, I should have went and shopped ! Husband on the other hand was proud of me for coming home with money, that is a BIG achievement for me.

My weekend plans: 

-Petsmart run
-mow the lawn & fill in bark dust (get the backyard ready for Elliott )
 -attend a wedding '
 - make coffee before church - church
 -take a nap some where in there
- enjoy our one day of summer on Sunday with temp reaching 87!!

Happy Friday- and happy outfit making opportunities!


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