Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Thoughts Today.

Awkward Is:

The random-ness of this post. Sorry about this! But sometimes this is how my life feels. Random and hectic and I go into the kitchen to do dishes next thing I know I have cleaned the floors and bathrooms and am now folding laundry and the dishes....still laying in the sink! Oh boy! 

Me and the Cute Husband. Hanging out on the 4th...nothing better then Rodeo food!!! MMMMM Good

AWESOME- Shooting a big gun and hitting a moving Target-Yes I did.

This fun, cute hair technics burnt through a piece of my hair back in March and now I have a short piece of hair up front! AWKWARD.

Look how young we both look....and this makes me miss my short hair! 

A tribute to our Chicago trip we took last August. - see RANDOM.

Glass looking box, hanging off the top of the sears tower...Tallest building in the US


Amazing Food at Hary Cary's

 I love Chicago Heat. However I do not enjoy the humility

 And for all you Transformers Lovers...We where on the set of Transformers 3 in down town Chicago. 

Playing around on the set!

I am scaling a "building"

Nic & Cole