Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let me think about that one........


Someone asked me yesterday who my style Icon was. This is how the conversation went...
Nicole: Hmmmm ..."Who is my style Icon.........I am not sure"
 (this is me thinking.....and thinking)
And this is me still thinking I will think out loud which is the best way to do it.

I want and hope that it looks something like this:

I adore Sydney and her style!!

Classy, and fun, Like I am not trying to hard to make something work. 

Look how amazing Princess Diana looks and how classy she was at all times! LOVE IT

 Kendi is my all time favorite. Love everyone of her outfits! 

I want to dress and look my best where ever I go, and have fun doing it! These lady's are known for their style their unique look and I too want .

What I know I love:
White shirts, button downs, denim shirts, Jeans, black crisp leggings, boots, big bags, SUNGLASSES, pencil skirts, high waisted pants and skirts, wedge gladiators, vintage classy, scarfs,  strips....(the list goes on and on....)

Thursday Outfit:

 Denim Shirt- Target 21.99
Striped Shirt- Ann Taylor - 21.00
dark denim Skinny's - J Crew 29.99
boots- Macy's 39.99
White Watch - Nordstroms 16.99
Necklace - Forever 21 9.99

I am trying to branch out and be more free with my clothing style. My goal is to try something new everyday. Remix people, its all about mixing and matching...and not matching (a things called....prints and strips to amazing together!) They work, gold is back in, over do accessories, over-sized shirts and skinny's, an outfit made up of 5 different colors tying your shirt, wearing multiple layers.....You know the old saying "opposites attract!" here it is played out everyday. So let the fun begin!

So I pose this question......Who is your style Icon????....What is your style?

Be confident in your style. Wear it proud! AND DON'T BE AFRAID TO WEAR SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT! who know you may be the next style Icon. 


  1. I saw a woman wearing leggings today (and just to add she should not have been wearing them or get a longer shirt. Yikes!) they had rips all up her thighs not lovely like your outfit in these pics!

  2. My style icon is Jessica Simpson, I love her style so much!